Thursday, June 22, 2017

no news is good news, literally, none of it

wish I didn't care, fantasize about just not reading the news... can't. Have read news first thing upon awakening My Entire Life and it's Never Been This Bad (born 1948). This AM all over the news, Hate Rallies are back so I get to see my fellow Americans in Iowa salivate over human suffering and cheer President T who emanates Pure Hatred and they love that about him, they think he's a rumpled version of christ and I think T looks like satan if he took on human form. Then bk international affairs are my thing I go to Reuters and have it confirmed that the Saudis tricked T into siding with them and soon we will be at war with Iran... I KEEP WAITING for some forceful response from the sane side of the USA and- at first I wrote here that waiting for a real response from the left is like having sex with a guy who's impotent, then realized that is not fair, bk at least the guy who's impotent does SOMETHING.

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