Monday, June 5, 2017

Putin's PR firm has been working on his image in USA for a couple years apparently

The Putin Interviews w/Oliver Stone 4 night special on Showtime, no that is not a joke. It's true. Premieres June 12.

The Russian president also explains, “If [Edward Snowden] didn’t like anything at his work, he should have simply resigned. But he went further.”
Little donny trump wanted so much to know something no one else knew that showed he was smarter than anyone else. So someone convinced him and now I think he truly believes america will be greater under Russian oligarchs. I'm Pissed that Obama et al did not stop it when they could, but we have to accept this now. We are a Russian / Arab colony about to be sucked dry of all resources while we try to find a dentist. good luck. I'm used to chaos and trauma, this will not be easy for others.

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ready to sit back and just watch this

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