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Russian Bots created the Bill Maher controversy and were able to manipulate a lot of progressives, this does not bode well for our future

You think they blew Hillary's emails and Benghazi out of proportion, just watch.
(A year or so from now when this incident comes out in testimony somewhere, I'll be able to link back to this post.) 
Replying to   people make jokes about slavery and other horrible things all the time in USA, if you were not a Russian Bot you would know that.
One little old lady with a laptop trying to knock down bots coming from right and left, moreso on Twitter than Facebook, but by Sat AM everywhere. Remember that "snark" tone? It started showing up in Comments on news stories back in 2013. As soon as a story goes up, there are 10-20 comments all of them sounding like right wing sound bites with a dash of Snark, I used to wonder, where are all these people coming from. They respond so fast. Now there are thousands more of them, according to M Nance, and one lol with a laptop can't stop them. I am sad now watching smart people get manipulated by them. PS I'm not insane, read Malcolm Nance
If Americans are this against outrageous Jokes, how did Bill Maher ever have a career to begin with? Those Were Bots who created this "controversy" and they are still at it, hollering at me calling me a racist in my Twitter feed for defending Maher. His Entire Career was built on making outrageous jokes, and before the bots started hollering a thousand fake-people at a time, we were fine to let him stay on HBO and do his thing late Friday nights. If Smart People are going to be this easily manipulated, forget it, we will never recover from this, We Are Now Russia / Emirate whatever. 
Jokes are made using the word "nigger" on late night TV in America All The Time, but if a thousand Russian bots get outraged on Twitter, it suddenly is a reason to fire one of our most brilliant comedians
If it were not for the Bots, most people would not have even noticed Maher's Joke!!!!!
That's how bots worked in election. I friended a lot of Bernie supporters I found on FB, then after primary, they all started posting this anti-Hillary stuff. I figured it out they were bots THEN and tried to point it out to people but like so often, I was shouting and almost no one was listening. It made me feel So Good to hear Clinton Watts then describe how the bots worked in the One Senate Hearing we've had on the election attack so far, so I knew I was right. I know I'm right now. The Bots are going to make issues out of non issues and tear us even further apart than this decades long misinformation campaign already has.
Russia's misinformation campaigns go back seventy years, they know how to reach people and turn them against each other, and I'm watching it happen again in USA now, just like last election, with half my FB friends denouncing Bill Maher for a joke no one would have even noticed if the bots had not been out in force.
Jaye Ramsey Sutter Russian propagandist have been at it since 1917.

Bots thousands of them made Maher joke an issue by tweeting thousands of outraged tweets after their Word Search found that word. Otherwise no one would have noticed this late night throwaway joke. Bots Generate clicks and tweets and people then think something is an issue when it is not, that's how we just lost the election. They are still very hard at work and, as Nance said last week, they are Upping Their Activity. The Joke was not any more offensive than most jokes on HBO or other late night shows. Please.
Malcolm Nance said on Stephanie Miller Show last week that There are Thousands More Bots now and they are about to do "something" and I think this attack on Bill Maher is an example of what they are going to do. We All Need to stop reacting reacting reacting, bk if your Knee Jerks enough, you end up with your foot in your face. Trump just Let Them Back Into the 2 russian compounds near DC that Barack O ejected them from for doing just this, releasing Bots with false information. Be Prepared for Massive Bot Attacks and Please Stop Falling For Them!!!!!
The Bots turned Maher's comment into an issue bk they are Russian and don't know the historical reference of "house nigger" so said it was a racial slur. People Wake Up. The Bots' "word search" found nigger and went NUTS.
that "snark" tone is similar to the 1950s communist party fliers they would hand out on the street and then later at antiwar demonstrations in 1960s-early 70s. They had the same condescending tone making you feel stupid for not agreeing with them. KGB tactic still working today in USA.

Bots thousands of them made Maher joke an issue by tweeting thousands of outraged tweets after Word Search found N word.
Bots thousands of them made Maher joke an issue by tweeting thousands of outraged tweets after Word Search found N word.
Russian Bots did not know "house nigger" is a historical reference, their word search found Nigger, and called it racial slur
Jokes are made using the word "nigger" on late night TV All The Time, but if a thousand bots get outraged on Twitter, it becomes an issue
The Bots' "word search" found "nigger" and went NUTS, called it a Racial Slur, and turned joke by on HBO after 10PM into issue.
it's worse to me that interrupted as he was making a Very Important Point about fossil fuels when I wanted to know more
I bet most "outraged americans" re words "house nigger" don't know enough history to get the joke n think made up a racial slur.
Replying to 
i watched show twice and did not even notice it WTF
Post Note:
45 seconds into realty TV show file I'm working on Monday AM: "I'll be back, nigger, don’t worry, I, I'm here." The person who says it is a black man talking to his father with cameras rolling. For a show on Basic Cable TV prime time. I mean... The word is in our vernacular now. The outrage last weekend was generated by Russian bots. 
Kay Ebeling 6 minslololol working on Season 3 of this reality show, the guy on camera just said, "How come we don’t get paid to be actors?" and i can't stop laughing.
Another thing that bugs me from this Maher thing is the dialogue that resulted between me and a guy i've known about ten years. He snarkily used the words "coastal" as in I'm "coastal" and so don't understand people in the Midwest, which is BS. It's the result of what the bots did, they cause riffs between progressives that should never happen. I'm really insulted by that and hurt. And I think the idea of coastal vs Midwest was cooked up somewhere by a propagandist as a good way to split us up.
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