Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Where the F is the Revolution? We Need One

I have no hope that we will ever find out the truth about Trump or how Someone is controlling these elections and every other dept of the govt when Republicans are not liked except by a small group of people, it feels too big, like they already got so much power that there is no way to stop them, we can march in the street and call our senators and they will just keep doing what they are going to do, we are like fleas or gnats bugging them no more than that. they will suck out all the resources and live on the wealth and the rest of us have to figure out how to fend for ourselves, don't expect them to change or suddenly become compassionate. We are colonists and they hate us that's why they spent 20 plus years effecting this coup, they aren't going to be suddenly sweethearts. Stock up on supplies and practice being hungry...

They suck out resources and get so wealthy they can't think of anything more to do with the money, they buy more and more mansions, yachts, cars cars cars the price of each could support a family for years, with all this money it never dawns on them to build... affordable housing, factories that employ and pay people... they just eat eat eat drink drink- hire doctors to medically remove the fat and then go back to eating and drinking. Buy Spanks for $700 that pull in and hide all the fat so they can keep eating and eating and drinking. And all we can do is watch...?

It feels too big to stop this power moving in to control, especially when we really don't know who or what it is. But we have to stop pretending this is still the same old United States we all grew up with, obviously it's not.

This is their revolution, 
we are being forced to be Libertarian 
(scrabbling to survive on whatever we can find) 
whether we like it or not.
posted by Kay Ebeling
bored by the rich

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