Sunday, June 18, 2017

waiting for everyone else to catch up

I think USA is a colony now. I think they did this while we were all distracted by things They Distracted Us with, such as Donald Trump's campaign, and now we are all wondering why things aren't working... this started in 1995 with Misinformation in our media mainly Fox and until we admit this critical part, that half our population is BRAINWASHED, we won't be able to stop it. Right now I"m getting tired of repeating that since I started pointing to this "Weaponization of Information" in 2013 read my LTEs in Antelope Valley Press and finally heard hillary use that expression a few weeks ago. They even brainwashed our service men and women: Fox News played nonstop on military bases for years, droning that false news into their heads. For now I'm going to wander around looking for respite until everyone else catches up so glad I live in Tahoe as escape Is Possible here. Strangest thing is the nation that took us over is not a nation it's a borderless entity made up of people so powerful and wealthy they are beyond our comprehension, aka the Global Elite, the 1 percent, Saudi/Putin, we don't even have a real name for it. 

Kay Ebeling
9 hrs"It's gonna be great, believe me, you're gonna love it," said Donald about how Everything would be after he got elected, and what he meant was the USA's new role as a colony of...
I'm paranoid enough to think someone purposely put the cladding on the side of Grenfell Tower in a way that caused it to serve as a chimney, assuring the destruction of the building in a fire, everything is Too Strange, the unsafeness of the bldg being ignored past years AND the fact it was public housing in midst of wealthiest neighbors in the World and it was populated by many Refugees who read the Koran and I am not beyond thinking it was done on purpose bk the wealthy elite wanted that property.

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