Saturday, June 3, 2017


1 or 2 one percent families could combine resources and as a mass act of Charity, make sure Every Family Unit on Earth has a condo. Just a condo, shelter, a place to lay your head, shower, cook your own food, organize your thoughts. People in desperate countries could move to the new condos that Ivanka et al build in undeveloped areas, bringing in commerce. A couple rich families could do this, it would be GOOD PR, imagine if the Walmart family and Kushners and a couple others did this, to make up for all the govt programs being cut. They'd still have their mansions and yachts, in fact, such an act of charity would likely not lower their lifestyles an inch. Think of what it would do for the globe, for American Cities, if everyone had a place to lay their head in peace every night. Imagine.

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