Saturday, June 3, 2017

Not even acknowledging you are being attacked is a good way to likely lose a war...

I hear stock dividend checks were up this quarter, must be why Repubs will turn blind eye to treason.
Trump's running the country like he ran his businesses, getting work from people then not paying them. He said yesterday, We Will Stop making Payments for the Paris Accord that we previously agreed to. Meanwhile the Accord will continue, and Americans will even benefit from it. We'll just stop paying our share. That's Trump's america
After 2 decades of living on false facts, Trump Admin appointees now quote the false facts as reason to make policy, such as EPA head saying, The Climate Accord caused US to lose hundreds of thousands of jobs. They are making Policy Decisions affecting The Entire Globe based on false information produced by the Putin misinformation machine that is flooding the USA. People who listen to the false facts will not listen to anything else, they just keep repeating the false fact as a response to anything you say. This is so frigking weird. Fox News et al Must use some technique in the way they deliver news to mesmerize people into thinking they must not listen to anything else.
A fast moving coup

Trump’s aides are trying to shut down the release of information that could be used to attack the president.

That is not a strong country, Russia, that played a weak hand beautifully. -Bill Maher, June 2, 2017
How did she get this rich? (436,355,920 in Rubles)

The previous owner of the home was the former acting Prime Minister of Pakistan.
As I watch the homeless people in my town struggle, it dawned on me, even Cavemen had caves. What's wrong with this nation that we've got so many people that don't even have a place to lay their head. Astonishing
Obama will go down as one of our better presidents. 
Trump will go down on Putin.
(John Fugelsang‏Verified account @JohnFugelsang )

Oh, yeah, the guns...

A big part of the false info campaign last few years was a misreading of the Second Amendment, making the Fox News Zombies think they Had to Stock up on Weapons, Guns, Military grade, ammunition. Especially crazy people, Congress passed a Law last month assuring Mentally Ill people they can buy guns, Based on the False Information campaign run by Putin/Saudis last 20 years. So now we have a bunch of crazy people with guns on top of everything else that is going on, in case anyone forgot...

Think of it. For a year Trump riled up his followers with Hate Rallies. Now those hate-filled people are Empowered and feeling victorious, all around us. The hate crimes are only just starting.
PS: OMG. The Travel Ban is going to our right wing packed Supreme Court. How many one two punches is this now?
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