Saturday, June 3, 2017

Stop calling it climate change and start telling it like it is. We Are Poisoning the Planet

YES we are Poisoning the planet as if in a garage w/ door closed YES we need to OUTLAW gas burning cars as U said on

More CO2 in US means more Americans die. Trump is a Trojan horse, attacking US from within.

YES I think Fossil Fuel burning cars and other products should be outlawed as you said on show. Can we do that? please

Truth is Paris Accord is icing on top of a pile of rotting fruit, MAINLY bk of US demands, the Accord does not go far enough, and Ben Sasse, a republican like my dad was, said that on Bill Maher June 2 2017. We need to do MORE. Sasse may not even realize that's what he said, but that's what I heard. (PS Sasse is a republican who did not vote for Trump, which is going to be a Badge people wear someday.)

Since the US puts more CO2 in atmosphere than any other nation, at some point they are going to come after us, make it mandatory, to lower emissions. 

We will be the new India, soon.
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