Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fictionalized version of current events

What kind of a mess did Trump get himself and the world into and what Wild Ass Crazy thing will it take to make it stop?

Melania is peeved bk for 20 years she's been f---ing this disgusting creature on assignment for Mother Russia and now he's not doing what the whole mission was created to make him do. The orange bastard is going rogue, coming up with his own ideas on the fly and throwing the whole operation into turmoil and Melania is not able to hide how angry she is. (Imagination aids survival.)

A matter of Hours ago, Trump finally realized he had been manipulated by Russian spies during the election, so Now, he's going to do something bizarre and insane to stop them. He looks pissed at Melania too. (This is all fiction )

On this trip, there was something Trump was supposed to do that he did not do bk he just now figured out that he really is surrounded by Russian spies. Stay tuned to see how the Donald solves this most unusual problem..

Desperate to get away from his Russian handlers and the horrible thing they are trying to make him do, Trump seeks asylum in the Cathedral at the Vatican, where he disappears into a catacomb. As a result, Angela Merkel and Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau form an international Leaders of the Free World coalition and a new Nation of Earth is formed.

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