Monday, May 29, 2017

Melania the Russian Spy, cont'd

I just heard a long time CIA guy I think it was Richard Clarke, say on Morning Joe from Friday that "Russian Spies Marry their targets and stay with them for years, decades, that's part of how they work."

Melania is letting her contempt for T show bk the assignment is almost over and she's detested him from the start. It no longer matters if people start to see who she really is as soon her role as a spy in this entire process will be revealed and she knows it. Meanwhile they keep her happy by keeping Manafort an elevator ride away. Do you really think she has sex with Trump for anything other than work?

Meanwhile, Trump wants Flynn back bk Flynn was his chief handler, Flynn mesmerized him and said things designed to make T feel good and full of power and that he was always right. Now Trump misses that constant message.

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