Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Clues as to what is coming

For those who did not see this coming last July this is a surprise...
    T stood by wall for dead CIA agents and said, 'We need a bigger room.' Then more than once: 'Get rid of the columns,' then the cheering squad he brought with him cheered. Column is a military term for a row of soldiers. WTF... 

    Mark Mazzetti, national security correspondent for the New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about Donald Trump's peculiar remarks at the CIA, and his…

    little signs of what's coming: 

    The plan was simple. Montrealer Sasha Dyck and some friends would drive to Washington to join the Women's March. But when the six Canadians and two French…
    Column is a military term for rows of soldiers. WTF
    20 hrs
    working on same documentary as yesterday so now really alarmed that Now, when bioengineers are trying out genetic mutations and DNA code rewriting, we are taking away govt regulations. I can't help thinking this is part of this coup to destroy us, in ways we can't even envision, from within. What will removing all these laws that protect us do to us? Scientists are creating these visionary but very dangerous medicines, and admitting there is potential for "dual use" and now we are removing the federal agencies that keep us from destroying ourselves ...


Posted by Kay Ebeling
looking forward to the next city of angels

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