Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Today I stopped thinking Obama was great president

Sigh, losing heroes right and left
I hate to say this but Obama is not filling me with feelings of hope and love these days, more like disappointment and frustration... bewilderment, wonderment. Then I saw a headline that many "democrats" wish he had done more sooner about this hacking and I'm not even a democrat anymore I'm so mad, but count me in with them. That's why I keep saying The USA Niced Itself To Death. obama was too kind at a time when we were being attacked from within, by treasonous congressmen and entire national news networks spreading Anti-American lies. Obama should have put a stop to Fox News. Now the traitors are in charge and it happened while Obama was president. As much as I love him for being so Kind, something about that kindness did not work, the recipients did not respond in kind, and look at this mess we are in...
-Kay Ebeling
the city of angels is somewhere

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