Sunday, January 8, 2017

More GRU in my Facebook

(Posted earlier) whatever I do, I'm not putting a dime in a Medical Savings plan cooked up by Paul Ryan's repubs as he and trump will be partying and eating caviar on yachts on my savings within five years and I'll still be sick.

Janet Hauter Seemingly brilliant deduction with no logic and no care for self. Think this through please.
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Kay Ebeling they will steal this money 

Kay Ebeling i have no health care now doubt this will make it better
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Janet Hauter So you had an empty prediction anyway.. You blame them for potentially stealing your fictional funds and then you claim not to have what you ranted about. Whoa! Scary.
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Kay Ebeling did you get hired by the GRU or something. I have not heard from you in what ten years and all of a sudden you sound like putin in my facebook who the F are you really?
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Kay Ebeling "empty prediction? Fictional funds" WHAT are you doing in my facebook all of a sudden you putin quoting fuck
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Kay Ebeling

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Kay Ebeling I don't believe for a second that's the real Janet Hauter, I doubt the real one is even on FB and a GRU guy hacked her old account on FB and now she's all of a sudden snarking here. I swear that was not her that was GRU.
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Kay Ebeling I unfriended her but doubt that was the real Janet I met in Chicago in 2008. and never heard from again... weird. She would not write that kind of comment unless she's gone alzheimer's or alcoholic since then. weird

This is Frigging Weird

I do know she was a republican but still
Her comment nudged me to post this

I am no longer embarrassed about my bad teeth, knowing that in a few years 99 percent of Americans will have teeth like mine, while someone in trump tower passes a truffle over their fifth set of dental implants

And This
maybe some of these sinkholes are from All The Wealth being sucked out of our nation by global corporatists from who knows where...

And Then GRU Janet came back here:

Kay Ebeling
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Privatization means the corporations can steal the money and they do and will

Janet Hauter Kay, I think you need a nap.
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Kay Ebeling go fuck a priest
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Kay Ebeling I say that as I doubt you are the real janet you GRU spook

I really do not think that was the real Janet, she was a nice older woman who - why all of a sudden would she be like that in my FB? It has to be GRU, or Republican tea party types have sunk this low.

Pretty sure I just kicked out another GRU guy from my Facebook friend list. This person friended me a few weeks back using the name of a woman I met one time in Chicago in 2008. Today all of a sudden she was here commenting like a Hillary bashing trump supporter, with nasty things like, “you need a nap” saying my brilliant posts here are “rants.” Which astounded me. It means she had either segued from activist Catholic concerned about the pedophile priest victims to deranged tea party trump supporter, which is possible. I mean if you still buy into that church knowing how many kids got raped there, you might buy into Donald T as neo god too. But I really think it was not her, I think it was another GRU person, which makes me wonder, don’t they have better ways to employ people in Russia? I mean, how much do people get paid to hack Facebook accounts or create ones with little clip-art photos to identify themselves, then publish SNARKY COMMENTS wherever they find someone with a brain who might be progressive.
I hope JH who I just unfriended was not the real JH because as I said goodbye to her I said, “Go fuck a priest.”
I wouldn't say that to someone who really was concerned about the pedophile priest victims as an activist Catholic. But I would say that to a GRU hacker who is probably 300 pounds and covered in grease. 

Here is "bio" of deranged teaparty supporter who went out of her way to snark at me today here on FB:
Executive Director at Mission of the Spirit
Chair at American Catholic Council
Former Executive Director at Global Development Group
Studied Psychology and Philosophy at St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN
Went to Thornton Township High School
Lives in South Barrington, Illinois
(Her name is Janet Hauter )

posted by Kay still here

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