Thursday, January 19, 2017

If Americans had been reading, we would not have elected Trump

I am old enough to remember the Communist takeover of Russia, and just went to read a Breitbart article, everything about the website looks like the propaganda that the Kremlin produced in the 1950s. PROBABLY a lot of people who go there and read are not old enough to remember, LIKELY they do not know enough history to see it. astounding

Trump got elected thanks to awful public education in America, of course his ed sec would set out to make it worse. If Americans knew history, they would have recognized Kremlin propaganda all around them, instead they lapped it up. breibart drudge hannity alloffox limbaugh etc, All Saying the Same Phrases Every Day and Americans did not see it bk they were uneducated, did not read only watched bits of news, never read history...

on Hulu you can watch Seinfeld from season one all the way to the end. I just started my second screening. It's in the background where the news used to be, as can't handle spokes models describing current events as if they were normal. Hard for an old journalist to admit the news has become irrelevant, except Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, Free Speech dot org, a handful of others, but nothing mainstream is real anymore. And I find refuge in humor from the 1990s. 
hey, i got knocked up by a russian. He told me he'd had a vasectomy, then when I came up pregnant his words were, "I lied, I lied about a lot of things" shrug. So I Know From Experience Don't Trust A Russian

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