Sunday, January 8, 2017

I agree with Biden. It's Over. In more ways than he does though I think

Democrats are raising "great concerns" over what is going to happen Wednesday. Frigging should have woken up five years ago.

As far as I'm concerned, All the Democrats were at cocktail parties when they should have been preventing this.

I have a feeling Wednesday's press event for our Fearless Exec Producer along with Congress approving his cabinet en masse will be a turning point. And it will be too late to do anything but figure out how to pick up the pieces and start over. that's the truth and we have to face it.
as far as I'm concerned America is almost over. I read my friends' posts here their plans for keeping these republicans honest. forgetaboutit. Learn to fend for yourself, pay bribes to get things done, the thugs are in charge now and it ain't going to be easy. Last place you will be able to turn to for help will be the government, might as well brace yourself for it.

It starts to get worse next Wednesday. Hold on it's going to be a bumpy ride. All the confirmation hearings at the same time as Trump holds a press event. I mean, this is a show, in some ways. for me it's become that. 
A chaotic day next Wednesday could make it hard for Democrats to score hits on Trump's Cabinet nominees.

It's amazing the vice like grip Fox News has on some people's brains, still. I can't wait until the entire thing gets investigated and they PROVE Fox News was part of this anti-American propaganda in the form of Fake News. And Once Again, it is not the fake news that was the problem, it was all the Americans who were so full of hatred for Hillary and Obama that they were open vessels ready to believe propaganda that was designed to reach them at that level of hate. That's why I do not make friends with people who voted for Trump. They were REACHED by propaganda based on Hate. That is a litmus test with me.

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