Friday, January 6, 2017

I would run away to Canada or Mexico but is it going to be safe anywhere?

You want proof this election was rigged against USA? Donald Trump won... I mean, look at him.
while we've All been distracted by a chaos inducing election, Climate Catastrophes continue to happen globally... wonder if it was designed this way, we are All either happily or angrily distracted by the clown at the podium while mountains turn to mud and slip into the sea. . . thanks, Exxon, now I get why you with your Russian oil corporate counterparts, manipulated our election. Me, I live near a lake. . . 

All In traveled across the country this year, from Louisiana to Alaska to Florida, to see the effects of a warming planet on American lives right now.
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America Needs Affordable Senior Housing much more than The Wall


Pretty sure a lot of GRU guys friended me here during the election disguised as Bernie supporters and now they chime in with love trump / hate america comments. As I find them, I unfriend them but it is really creepy how that happened, and it's just one of the things the hackers / Putin / Exxon did to effect election. Just got rid of the fourth, maybe fifth spook today off my Friend list. so strange
You want proof this election was rigged against USA? Donald Trump won... I mean, look at him.

Paul Crowther Sore loser
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Ernie Fabregas Noone is a Sore Loser , Lets make America better , better for who ? , they might mean like always the top 1% !!!!
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Kay Ebeling I unfriended this guy, I think he's GRU. A lot of them friended me as "bernie supporters" during election and now I have to weed them out. Creepy. Spooky.
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it does no good really to expel spooks from their mansions here in USA when they could be a 300 pound guy in Afghanistan with a good internet connection and still do it.

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