Sunday, January 8, 2017

Screw your Medical Savings Plan like I'd give Paul Ryan a DIME!!

After vulture capitalists raided the place I was working and sent all the jobs, and the health insurance, to the Philippines, I went from age 58 to 65 scared I was going to die bk I did not have health care. Then I got Medicare and went to one doctor after another and found Them ALL to be corporate automatons who only pretend to be listening, then prescribe whatever Big Pharma is pushing that year. Over and over that was my experience, Without Exception the drugs they gave me made me sicker than I already was. Last doctor wanted me to prove I was having trouble walking, it was like she pulled out a gun and shot my feet and said, dance dance and when I was able to jump she figured I was faking my leg pain. So I don't go to doctors anymore. Now days, I use different strains of weed for different needs, I stay home a lot and know that probably if I lived in the Netherlands I would not be having this experience. But I don't.

My plan to replace ACA is echinachea, chili peppers, and acceptance that no one lives forever. Honest. i don't like to go to doctors anyway so if there is something wrong with me, hopefully the chili peppers will get to it. Actually I've been living this way for about a decade as doctors don't know how to treat my illness and I got tired of listening to them pretend they did. Once before I turned 65 and had no insurance, I nursed an infection from a spider bite by putting salt on it every few hours and then draining the puss out, keeping it clean. I think I may be a Donner Party survivor in a past life, or something similar. Onward. Don't like doctors anyway so screw 'em they can have their frigging medical plan. I'll die here in my chair at around age a hundred with my weed pipe beside me.

Your blood pressure is high? drink a little red wine, the stuff the doctor will give you will make you throw up or worse anyway.

Whatever I do, I'm not putting a dime in a Medical Savings plan cooked up by Paul Ryan's repubs as he and trump will be partying and eating caviar on yachts on my savings within five years and I'll still be sick.

Posted by Kay Ebeling 

who doubts the city of angels is on the surface of the planet right now

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