Saturday, January 7, 2017

More on how USA got attacked through our video monitors

So now the SPOOKS who the report says flood us with fake news are flooding us with fake news that the intelligence report is false. wow.
if you go to YouTube and search for Senate hacking hearing videos, you get an endless stream of Alex Jones et al responses saying our intelligence agencies are wrong, putin / trump are right, and No One is putting up videos defending the intelligence... bk no one is getting paid to post pro-america propaganda videos everywhere... but a Whole Lot of people have been getting paid to post anti-American stuff everywhere, just like the report says.
Malcolm Nance as good as says Trump is a foreign agent in this MSNBC clip and he is rarely wrong. stay tuned

Donald Trump was briefed by intelligence officials today on Russia's election interference, but he still won't say that he accepts Russia's role hacking the election. Ari Melber discusses Trump's continued denials with Rick Wilson, Ken Dilanian, and...
Intelligence reports NEVER draw conclusions or state something is the Only Fact. Yet watching Fox News, suddenly that is the most important part of this report.

it's like a sci-fi super-hero story, the President rules from atop his tower, inaccessible, flies in and out by helicopter from the roof, runs the world with 144 character tweets in a room full of global handlers. At any point they could replace him with someone else in the tower and America would have no way to know. .
Just dawned on me, as Trump tweets, you don't know who is really hitting the keys, you don't know who is in the room with him...

Not only did they hack us with Fake News: The Idiot Americans Believed It!!!
If we still had 2-3 daily newspapers in every american town and city, this could not have happened

One of their goals was to "denigrate the american process" in US election - remember our way-way too low voter turnout?
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city of wha-?

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