Tuesday, January 17, 2017

the country is Full of brainwashed people who watch Fox News and now Putin helped trump win using Fake News... does anyone else start to see the connection yet? Go watch Fox, then go watch a 1950s movie about propaganda during Communist takeover of Russia. The tone and the anti-USA message is Almost Exactly the Same. And the SNARK. they use SNARK to get to people at a hateful visceral level. Fox News was the beginning of this invasion of america through our TV sets. Man, you can't make up this stuff.

The repubs are brainwashed to believe govt health care is bad, then they vote to remove health care and thousands of people die. Can anyone else see this as part of the misinformation campaign, which was a military attack, which is now ... killing us? The source of the Brainwashing: it started in 1995 with Fox News, then Breitbart and others followed.
what really killed us is our complacency. the fact it is taking months from the time we discover something (last July russian interference with election) to do something (maybe soon) is proof.

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