Friday, January 27, 2017

Old enough to remember USSR propaganda in 1950s. This Is Same

Is there a virus let loose on Americans that destroys backbones?
    How many billionaires got that way by creating businesses that depend on tax dollars? Well start with Donald Trump's own father.
    Trump would be Broke if he had to start from an entry level somewhere and work his way up. I doubt anyone would even hire him.
    It's as though George Bailey had never been born and the USA is now Pottersville
    Not strong enough to run away to Canada by myself. If someone can swing by Tahoe with a truck and get me, I will pay gas and hotel expenses, share other costs. Please.

    Not strong enough to run away to Canada by myself. If someone can swing by Tahoe with a truck and get me, I will pay gas and hotel expenses, share other costs. Please.

    Bad enough that ordinary Americans are mesmerized by Fox News, a brainwashed President is astounding
    It's scary enough that ordinary Americans got mesmerized by Fox News, but the President being brainwashed is - John le Carre could not make this up.
    Not only are Trump's techniques Way Too Much like Communist takeover of Russia, back then All Americans were shocked at things like False News and Disappearing opponents. Today's US Republicans are Fine with it 
    Her speech was great and I Want That Coat !

    Madonna's full speech from the Women's March On Washington to protest Donald Trump and Republican misogyny. Reflect this video on your Facebook: http://tinyu...

    we really did not even vote for this

    I am old enough to remember USSR propaganda in 1950s. Trump is doing the same things.

    Preventing News: I remember Distinctly this is what USSR did in 1950s
    For the History impaired, which is apparently 80 percent of USA...

    Rachel Maddow broke down a clearly forgotten bit of presidential history a couple of weeks ago: the time when Jimmy Carter became president of the United States of…
    We won't be able to stop this with conventional means. I have no idea what to do, but I keep hollering back at news reports, "That's not going to work, that's not going to matter, he is not going to respond." Trump is doing Some One Else's work now and not listening to Any Americans... just his goons in trump tower. 
    All Trump's policies reflect Fox News brainwashing

    they attacked us using Intelligence, taking advantage of how Dumb america got

    Last night I noted that a top Russian spy who is the number two person in the FSB department which allegedly oversaw the US election hacking operation had been arrested and charged with treason. Was he a sacrificial lamb and olive branch to…
    trump is not even in charge, someone else is running the whole thing, trump is stoned and coming out to sign Their orders and make speeches where it's obvious he is out of his mind and americans are just going along. Trump Towers is Russian / Exxon Intel headquarters. Hello 
    Hope to get one of these in a few months solve lots of my problems 

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    I have to admit though, this Trump stuff is the worst I've been through, and that's saying something.
    You also have to accept that bad sh-- happens and deal with it. Also bad stuff does eventually end, and when it does, you feel wonderful. I'm almost 70, been through a few of these now...

    It's gotten so bad under Trump, I've had to quit both coffee and sativa, it's indica only these days

    now they are doing it in Germany France and Netherlands and I want to know who is really behind these misinformation campaigns that result in pro oil leaders. Can you say Exxon? 

    France and the Netherlands, which also have upcoming elections, could be targets too.

    Can you imagine Trump getting hired Ever after a job interview?
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thinking of hitting the road again in search of city of angels

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