Monday, January 30, 2017

Truth is Only Weapon we can use against them, as they did this coup with misinformation

    OMG I just googled "Obama tried to stop Fox News" as I want to revisit how, when he first took office, he tried to stop the misinformation. And what came up was a LOOOOOONG stream of right wing attacks on him from one media site after another (copy and pasted below), and not ONE post from left of center supporting him. I think We All Are Guilty of not paying enough attention to the misinformation machine that was Fox-Limbaugh-Breitbart and grew so LARGE. I for one could not stand to even look at it. 
    They appealed to people who had a brewing hatred and ignited it. And There were Hundreds of Websites repeating and repeating and repeating the lies, in this case, that it's Obama putting out misinformation not Fox News. Hello? KGB Tactic, once again. They operated Right Under Our Noses and people like You and Me, progressives, were not paying attention. We did not fight back when we should have. Now we have these consequences, and we Have to start at square one, stop the misinformation with TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH
    He put Intelligence in chaos First Thing as president, do you still think he's working for USA?
    Now that I live in Backwards Land, forget the electric bike, I'm going to buy a horse, soon as I find one that goes in reverse. I live in Trumpledown where people sell their hair and organs for rent, and there are rumors now that it could have been humans who ate the John Doe in the morgue... but no one will say it out loud.
    No this is not an Onion story it is the White House bringing an Onion story to life, the USA has gone Through the Looking Glass- I Don't Think He knew it was a joke, I think he was so desperate for someone to say something good about him that he did not read all the way to the end, thought he was being praised. And we have Breitbart running Intelligence. Backwards Land, forget the electric bike, I am going to buy a horse, as soon as I find one that goes in reverse.

    The best part: he accidentally admitted he’s lying to you.
    To any pedophile priest survivor who is still in my Friends list, and is now tired of all this political stuff: Huh? Do you think any crimes like those of the Catholic Church will be exposed in a justice system run by Trump's people? WAKE UP

    Judy Hageman I agree with you on this. And this is not only applies to clergy sexual abuse but any other horrid pernicious crimes like domestic violence, adult rape, harassment, workplace and schoolyard bullying, you name it.
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    You can spot GRU people in your comments. They show up Right Away with twisted memes and repeated hate bytes like these when you post something progressive . I suggest everyone get the GRU out of their FB friends lists. They showed up for me as "Bernie supporters" who then after the primary continued to post "hate Hillary" memes. Now they say things like Protesters are Unamerican. Um, hello, American History 101....

    Milo Yiannopoulos added a new video.
    16 hrs
    Protesters Chant No Borders No Nation
    Rogue POTUS Staff ‏@RoguePOTUSStaff 2h2 hours ago
    Attempts to get POTUS to work on policy failed. Retreats to residence, skulking over McCain/Lindsey announcement and public protests.

    (((DeanObeidallah))) ‏@Deanofcomedy 7h7 hours ago
    Lets keep the refugees and deport Donald Trump.
    This country is Dominated by the hateful right now, enabled and empowered by a maniac president, they are commenting on stories and Tweets like salivating satanic inflicted zombies, repeating Breitbart and Limbaugh, So Happy that Trump is doing everything he is doing. They are Everywhere  
    Bob Royden Don't sugarcoat it , Kay . How do you really feel ?
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    John Schindler @20committee
    Yesterday's WH recasting of the NSC, letting Flynn+Bannon run it WITHOUT DoD+IC, really amounts to a coup, at least in #natsec terms. 
    so last night while I was hoping Trump had been kidnapped, he was ordering an attack in Yemen that was a "slaughter" where women and children were also killed, a US pilot was killed and one of our aircraft went down, and I can't wait to hear his spin. That was after he talked to Putin or while he was talking to Putin? what next?

    Jo Miller Um...Thanks, Obama? I'm sure that is the spin.
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    wow 1941 Dr. Seuss cartoon about America denying Jews entry- notice the t-shirt

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watching way too many people go wrong direction to find city of angels

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