Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump CIA speech Act of War against USA, it will get soldiers killed

While America watches football...
    I'm older than most as I approach seventy, so this visceral memory keeps coming up as Trump enacts one edict after another. I remember when Communists had just taken over the Russia and I SWEAR there are similarities in what T is doing now and what they did in early 1950s. I was a child, so my memories of these things are at a cellular level, so I almost Feel it now as I read of each new thing Trump’s people are doing. The similarity is in spirit and effect. The power is Much Bigger here because you add on Exxon and this weird Mind Control they do through Fox News et al. I really wish right now I had taken up that guy’s offer to live in Holland back in 1966.
    Sean Spicer: He won, no reason to investigate how he won, he won.
    He's going to put us back to work, as slaves building massive structures like Walls.
    Have to build wall as Earth soon a hellscape thanks to Exxon, have to keep out desperate climate refugees

    they are building this wall bk of the hellscape Earth will be soon thanks to Exxon, people in Mexico and south will DESPERATELY be trying to get north to escape the heat and the Trump Nation will beat them away.
    this is an attack. this is a battering. this president is working for someone other than America.
    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 5h5 hours ago
    Big day planned on NATIONAL SECURITY tomorrow. Among many other things, we will build the wall

    Kay Ebeling shared a memory.
    10 hrs
    how long have I been saying this? more than a year I know that:
     know I sound nuts, but I still think the same people who finance ISIS are also capable of creating a TV network, then paying its anchors 6 figure salaries they do not deserve to get them to put false stories into the mainstream. I think the USA has been under attack through our banks, through our environment, through our broadcast media, I even think the Gulf of Mexico oil platform explosion at BP (British Petroleum, founded a hundred years ago by sucking oil out of Iraq) has not been explained, but noticed the Naval Air Station in New Orleans was reactivated after it happened. (I drilled there as a reservist in the seventies and it had been closed, then BP exploded, now that air station is open again). Okay, I am a LOL in the desert with nothing but my instincts to go on, but I think a dumbed down America has been hit in many other unconventional ways than the Twin Towers in the last decades. -ke
    17 hrs
    Why are people surprised? Alternative Facts have driven the right since 1995 when Fox News showed up.
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    This is chilling. Makes it harder for HUMINT collectors to earn trust of sources. Overall, means US less safe vs many threats (Not just RUS)

    Trump speech at CIA was an Act of War against USA. Saying we will just take Iraq oil will get CIA agents there killed.

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