Thursday, January 5, 2017

What I Heard in the Hearing Today on how America got taken over by Putin through Fox News, basically

In the end, Americans were willing recipients of the fake news stories, each of which was designed to reach them at a level of hatred and bigotry. Hate hate Hate was the underlying message of every fake news story this election. So in the end it is the vile side of the American voter that Putin read, reached, and used to destroy us.

Kay Ebeling
10 mins· 
the fake news attack started in 1995 when Murdoch weezled his way into our cable lineups with Fox News and I Hope this investigation Obama is leading eventually gets there.
12 mins· 
Putin's current fiance is Fox News Founder Rupert Murdoch's former wife...
Kay Ebeling
13 mins· 
social media is Not the problem. The source of the disinformation is Fox News and the entrails that surround it, putin did it to us right in our living rooms
Kay Ebeling
16 mins· 
Bring back the Fairness Doctrine and break up news monopolies, bring back 2-3 daily Newspapers in every city. That's the way to fight Fake News

Kay Ebeling
17 mins· 
Close Down Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, to stop the fake news

18 mins· 
haha oh I see, we are going to throw rocks at the cyber attackers hahahahah

Kay Ebeling
20 mins· 
"did we retaliate, did we retaliate?" asks the senator, answer is no. The USA does not seem to even know what the hackers et al did, how to assess it or prove it, or how they did it. And me, I'm wondering what Putin is going to do next to us.

Kay Ebeling
35 mins· 
it's not just hacks and fake news stories, it's how the corporate news media Embraced Every Single One, and snarled drooling at every chance to slam Hillary using it. How Did That Happen? Who orchestrated the way for 11 weeks at end of election ALL WE HEARD was the fake news stories?
Kerry Reid Yup. NYT was one of the worst. HOW stories are placed (above-the-fold treatment for every email "story") matters as much as what is covered.
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Kerry Reid
Kerry Reid And those who rushed to insinuate corruption with HRC are now rushing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt. Because ACCESS and their own egos matter more than doing the hard work of telling the truth about those in power.
Kay Ebeling it's so frigging weird
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Alexandra Roberts
Alexandra Roberts I have three words in response: Putin, Putin and Putin
Kay Ebeling
43 mins· 
remember when Mitt Romney debated Obama and said the biggest threat to US security was Russia and Everybody Laughed At Him?
Jo Miller Yeah. I laughed at him. I regret that now.
Kay Ebeling
50 mins· 
republicans like Sen Cotton are bigger enemies of america than russia.
Kay Ebeling
55 mins· 
we do not even know how to respond to what russia just did. this does not make me feel secure.
4 hrs· 
omg this hearing is amazing. Packing again

Kay Ebeling
5 hrs· 
off work, had a walk, watching rerun of morning hearings, oh god, what I see is this senate of old men who will be hashing and hashing over what is going on while it is taking them over. Again I see something that resembles alice in wonderland. again I'm glad I have no dependencies and can survive with little...

Kay Ebeling
8 hrs· 

oh god, just had an idea they will hold hearings for three+ weeks while something awful takes place that no one can stop and these hearings will go on and on AND then images of Alice in Wonderland scenes also enter my head 
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floating over the planet wondering where the city of angels went

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