Thursday, April 27, 2017

Yay for Capitalism

A lot of one percenters' private jets take off a few miles from here to go to and from Tahoe (mansions are in different part of town). Sometimes they fly so low, you can see the shimmering of Golden trim that decorates their jets. When they take off from our little airport for billionaires only, they go Straight Up Into the Air as if they use USAF latest technology to the max. Yay for capitalism

What really bugs me is the Amounts of cash the Trumpsters took to sell out the country, these Massive Amounts that to me are unfathomable. Manafort who got Ten Million a Year payment from Russia to publicize it? That's not PR... plus Manafort is still living in Trump Tower. Here I am finding ways to make fifty dollars last two weeks at end of each month. Yay for capitalism

It took a Lot of money to pull off this coup, and the Saudis are being Awfully Quiet right now...

it's the era of the demented dictator, syphilis induced mania about to blow up the world... well maybe that's exaggerating but...
god this year has been so weird, i'm reeling
we have no fed govt right now and what that charade was about, putting the senators on a bus yesterday, is a real mystery. There Is No State Dept right now.
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