Saturday, April 29, 2017

Amazing. This coup is Awful and Amazing

I am convinced this attack started in 1995 with the creation of Fox News and years from now we will realize that foreign agents infiltrated our nation through Cable News, then Hate Radio, then Websites. The reason this coup worked is so many people in USA are thoroughly entrenched in a propaganda bubble, some are almost in a trance from it, so still think Trump is doing great. 

This Really Happened. 

Now the President who these same foreign agents got elected is enacting policies that are destroying the nation. 

Amazing. Awful and Amazing. 

And Putin is the front man. More likely the power behind is Saudis in conjunction with other Global Oil Corporations, such as our Exxon Secy of State. Because look at the size of payments they made to American People such as Paul Manafort and General Michael Flynn, to get them to do this. 

Endless money is behind this coup, and Big Oil gushes money. Good morning.


All this talk about Russia has prevented most people from noticing what is happening with the climate. I wonder if Global Oil has now just installed itself in charge of everything, is now installing world leaders who will go along with them, but it's happening so gradually that we won't notice it until it's too big to stop. Then as the climate crisis takes place, with mass migration of refugees and environmental collapse, Big Oil will run the response. I do have an imagination...

Bizarre "Our website needs to reflect the views of the leadership of the agency,” marks the commencement of dictatorship.

Trump officials removed several pages as part of an update to "reflect the agency's new direction."

Why would a U.S. President empty out the State Department?
They are using american Freedom, even our laissez faire capitalism, to destroy USA. wow. If you just abandon ethics, you gotta hand it to them for figuring out this way to cash in on USA, fuck the people who live here:
"The previously unreported firm, Washington East West Political Strategies, was created by Lewandowski and fellow Trump campaign veteran Barry Bennett — as well as an Azerbaijani oil executive and an American political consultant who works extensively in Russia — to prospect for political business in Eastern Europe. And Lewandowski and Bennett have created different firms with other partners to prospect in the Middle East, Canada and Central America, Bennett said.
The Washington East West Political Strategies document boasts that its clients will benefit from its partners’ ability to “leverage” their “trusted relations with the U.S. Administration,” as well as European parliamentarians and leading Western"

Ex-campaign manager says he’s not a lobbyist, but documents suggest his firm has been offering to secure face time with the president for foreign politicians.

Someone is paying to make all this happen, hacking elections, fake news showing up now in France, massive payoffs to several American traitors.  Well, russia is not that rich... saudi arabia is... I'm just saying.

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