Saturday, April 22, 2017

I am no longer an American, I just live in Tahoe

Once I saw Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin smirking at the world in front of Hillary's portrait in the White House, I knew it. It's over. That's it. You can have this crappy country and the pile of even worse crap you are going to transform it into. I am no longer an American, I just live in Tahoe.

Every news story I hear or read, can't help but think, my fellow countrymen, bk they were so Vulnerable to propaganda, bk they were so full of hate for "liberals" that they were so easily manipulated by propaganda, they made this happen. Last summer through the election, I tried to point out to friends, That News Story is Made Up- Hillary did not kill anyone, etc. I am still physically in SHOCK from what is going on in my country as a result of this president frauding his way into the White House, this cadre of grifters and con artists getting so rich selling out our nation. Oh well, I got a sack of split peas and another sack of rice and... so glad I'm kind of unreachable on top of a mountain as the stuff going on in the USA right now is AWFUL.

O'Reilley should have been fired Years Ago for distribution anti-American false information from a powerful platform (Fox News) and helping to destroy the political atmosphere in the United States. But-
Karma meets schadenfreude: The Bill O'Reilly edition

Karma meets schadenfreude: The Bill O’Reilly edition Jack Cluth 04.21.1704.21.17 No Comments on Karma meets schadenfreude: The Bill…
So for now, 
I am no longer an American, I just live in Tahoe.
Days after Marine LeP visits with Putin and days before her election, this mysterious attack on the Champs Elysees complete with ISIS costumes and the shooter dead on the scene then the call afterward from ISIS claiming credit. Okay, is anyone else not believing Any of This but watch France vote to go Fascist next week bk of this. I am sickened and scared, bk this manipulation of news to install dictators is global AND becoming more reckless as no one is reining it in.

Analysts say policeman’s killing could shake up Sunday’s four-way contest, thrusting security to the fore of campaigning
Keith O still speaks for me

This thing is actually getting worse by the day CONNECT WITH GQ Web: Twitter: http:…
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