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Transcript: "Comey never going to talk about counter intelligence in same blithe way he did Hillary Clinton" Malcolm Nance on Free Speech TV April 19

Malcolm Nance just called in to the Stephanie Miller Show on Free Speech TV, here is a quick transcript,  next entry in the  City of Angels Winging It / Malcolm Nance Transcript Project.  

Memorable quotes: 
"Within the United States government we are developing a case [on Trump / Russia] and the intelligence has to become evidence." 
"The Revolutionary War went from 1775 to 1783.  There are things you are going to have to be patient for."


M:  Those armadas, you know, they block up the One Oh One. 

S:  Malcolm, as a former Navy guy, can you imagine you being on one of those ships?

M:  Yes.  [LAUGHTER] in situations like that- naval movement and deployment are often impacted by politics but I think this is an exception here.  What we were told was the group was sailing into the Sea of Japan and apparently they continued their regular deployment, joint naval exercises with Australia and are no where near Japan That information is routinely released, it has to do with orders-

S:  At any rate, I think as you've been tweeting, this is an incredibly dangerous situation. 

M:  Well it's dangerous because now North Korea knows the limits the administration will go to to mask anything, but on the other hand the administration is young, they like to talk before they get the facts, and this has now bit them. What you're going to see now is the battle group turn north very quickly and cut off operational practices that it really needs.  But carriers go towards Japan all the time.  But they've taken away any credibility of this threat.

S:  Malcolm, thanks for calling in.  Trump won’t comment on whether we sabotaged the North Korea missile test, Obama started the use of electronic warfare that may have caused it, what do you know about that?

M:  Well I personally don’t know anything about it but I know how these things work.  That report mentioned electronic methods, not cyber, which is getting into computers, the control system is programmed to fail.  Electronic methods are jamming or interference with the telemetry.  I don't know.  We're pretty good at that, we're very good at it, in fact.

S:  Problem is when you have a pathological  liar in the White House you don’t know what to believe.  This is why it's dangerous

M:  Sure, you can't bluff on something like this.  I was very concerned that the North Koreans would place blame on the United States and take action.  And they still might.  If belief gets around that we destroyed that missile-

S:  I think it was North Korean thank you. 
M:  North Korea has the ability to back up any threats we put out there.  We really have limited options or no options. 

S:  Question from a caller about Comey: 

M:  Well I think I've mentioned this before, there are two sides of the FBI, the counter intelligence officers do investigations that are extremely close hold.  I think Comey thought one side was politics, but this side was serious, and he's never going to talk about anything serious in the blithe way he did Hillary Clinton.  But exposing anything related to counter intelligence I think that's something he’ll take to his grave.
Comey knew since July about hacking and Americans being involved, and I think he thought this is the last thing in the world I'm going to put out in the public domain.

S:  The FBI used that information from the dossier for the FISA warrant?

M:  Well I think that you have to put that report together with one we received in early January where the CIA briefed Donald Trump and President Obama, that there was information inside the Steele dossier that they had corroborated with their own intelligence.  They had their own information in there that was correct and came from A quality intelligence and those two pages still stand, we don’t know what those two pages are. 
Comey is not going to talk about counter intelligence the way he would a regular gumshoe investigation. 

Conversation about Moby

M:  I said this on twitter a couple days ago.  Savvy consumers of intelligence, the most important point is understand and know how to consume intelligence in a smart way and how to know what's real and what is not real. 

S:  But we're finding the Trump administration has been in collusion with Russia since day one. 

M:  I wrote about this seven months ago in  my book, The Plot to Hack America and we talked about this before, that the intelligence is not evidence. 
Within the United States government we are developing a case and that means that the intelligence has to become evidence. 

S:  We're being told to be patient but seriously how much longer can not just the country but the world take this?

M:  You have to remember, the Revolutionary War went from 1775 to 1783.  There are things you are going to have to be patient for.  Richard Nixon after they had the evidence, the impeachment took one or two months before he resigned. 

S:  Malcolm one other question from a listener, about Jill Stein, we've all seen her at that dinner next to Flynn and near Putin, what do you think?

M:  Well I wrote about that in the book too.  She's from the Green party, she was anti Trump but she also was more anti Democratic party and the Russians picked up on that a long time ago.  In Russia you have a former leader of the KGB running a Mafia. 
She has Michael Flynn sitting on the right hand of Putin and three or four people down was Jill Stein.  Nance’s law (about

S:  What's amazing is how micro targeted the Bernie voter was to either vote for Stein or stay home and it was just the margin she got that swung the election

M:  It went from coincidence to coordination to cooperation. 
They took databases and microtargeted information, this is a pernicious threat.  A lot came out in the briefing to Congress, especially Clinton Watts’s testimony,

During the election, all we talked about all summer was emails, emails that turned out to be nothing but risotta recipes but were the knife in the heart of the Clinton campaign. 

S:  Malcolm, we'll talk to you again next week.  

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