Friday, April 21, 2017

Housing Challenged in South Lake Tahoe

Posted just now on Craigslist:
Seek others who are paying $600 to $700 a month and would like to combine resources and instead of living in a shabby studio or one bedroom, move into a big beautiful home for same amount, around 700 a month. 
NOTE: I do not have a property yet, I am renting a 1 Bedroom for $650 plus utilities myself now, and I see all these big beautiful empty homes around me here in South Lake. I think we could combine resources and rent one, and it could be a way to solve the housing problem at least for people at my income level. 
At this point this is just an idea: If anyone responds, we can meet in a public place and talk about how to pursue this. 

If you have a good rental history and secure income, like I do, please contact me here through Craigslist, so we can see if we can form a group living situation and live better.

You can also contact me here:
Kay Ebeling
or email me at cityofangelslady @
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