Sunday, April 23, 2017

F--- "Earth Day"

If you really want to talk about clean air, get rid of your frigking car and figure out how to live without it. Otherwise, you are just bloviating hot CO2 in my face.
I find it hard to get enthused about marches re environment bk we knew back in the 1960s how to get clean air-water etc and marched back then. I hear activists being interviewed today and They Are Saying The Same Thing We Were Saying in the 1960s so it's obvious to me that No One Is Listening. 

As long as big oil runs the world, we can march our shoes off, nothing will change. Plus probably the demonstrators at those "March for Science on Earth Day" events yesterday then got in cars and drove home when it was over. Until people actually Change their lifestyles Seriously, protest marches are no more than photo ops and probably fun. 

But the environment Ain't getting any better

I'm back to being pissed off a hundred percent of the time...
Russian propaganda would not work if we still had 2-3 newspapers with a full staff of reporters and editors in every city, I'm just saying

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