Friday, April 7, 2017

Trump thinks USA will go along with his war as long as we can watch it on TV. He's probably right.

A chemical attack, T does weepy voice, we go to war the next day
This is such a blatant setup, we wont even know what happened with the chemicals in Syria before we are full on in war. and Trump will manipulate the news so much, we'll never know the truth... and in a few years when ALL OUR RESOURCES are drained, the toothless broken americans who remain will still not know what happened. 1984 could be rewritten now as 2084. hmm. got to transcribe a press kit now
so policies Obama worked out to get rid of chemical weapons in Syria in 2013 stopped working under T. Wonder what international agreements will fall apart next, with what results. Is America Great Yet?
Now he has the war he needs to become the dictator he wants to be
good way to look at it
Wayne Kurtz
19 hrs

Anyone want to bet Trump was behind the f---ing chemical attack in Syria? If not, it sure didn't happen Until 2 months after He Became President.
Okay I'll go one step further. Some adviser told Trump it was okay to use serin and the f---er did not bother to find out what it was and just gave the Okay bk he ... Does Not Know What He Is Doing and the whole frigging world is now in danger. just speculatin here, people, based on past performance... I think Trump is reason there was a chemical attack in Syria, then he gave some fake tears on camera, then he started a war the next day. So T behind the scenes may have even made the chemical attack happen. And I do not identify as American anymore. I live in Tahoe

T: “When you kill innocent little babies with a chemical gas that is so lethal that people were shocked to hear what gas it was that crosses many-many lines-"
No-no-no, Donald, you were shocked to find out what gas it was, just like you were shocked to find out that health care was complicated. Your ignorance is destroying the nation and whoever put you in office knew that would happen.
Trump shocked to find out what gas it was just like he was shocked to find out health care was complicated.
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