Monday, April 17, 2017

In 1970 I lived in a Yoga ashram and was able to meditate for loooong periods of time, twist my body into "advanced hatha" which I actually taught... where did that person go and how can I get at least a little of her back again? My nickname was "Sunshine" people actually called me Sunshine, this grumpy pissed-off old lady was Sunshine at one point. Where did that person go and how do I get her back again?

Come Join Me In Tahoe

There are huge beautiful Brand New Large homes in Tahoe, sitting here Vacant, built as vacation rentals when no one can afford them, so they just sit here empty. I'm sure if a group of us got together we could rent one and ride out the Trumpestation where they can't really touch us, up here in the clouds. I know a landlord who will rent to us, we just need to form a group. Wish I could convince 3 people to do this with me.

I wish my friends / readers would come visit me in Tahoe, so I could convince you to move here and share a great big mansion rental with me, and pretend we aren't part of the USA while humpty dumpty has a great fall...

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