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U.S. "Not just hammering ISIS, but empowering Iran from Israeli border in Southern Lebanon all the way into Syria and Iraq. I don't know whether Trump understands that." (Malcolm Nance just now)

Malcolm Nance was just on the Stephanie Miller Show on FreeSpeech TV and I got as much of the interview down as possible including this quote:  "It's like America First means Blame America First." -Malcolm Nance 

SM: I don't even know where to start. What's the most important news

MN: Of course, the most important news of all is the chemical attack in Syria. 
Back in 2013 there were still photographs of people being taken away after being killed.  Now we have real time live video of people actually dying in front of you showing the effects of nerve gas.
Why that is the most important news of the day in regards to Russia is Russia condones all of that.  They supposedly helped us disarm Syria of chemical weapons
Russia condones Syria and Iran in everything that is happening there. 
This Administration is onboard with Russia in what they call Fighting ISIS which is the mass murder of civilians. 
Which I think it will help now as seeing the people in the actual act of dying will dominate the news.

Then in another story today the FBI forms a task force on things that are actually conspiracy theories. 
They're going to have a spy hunting task force to root out facts on Russia and complicity with Trump administration. 

SM:  Talk about the target getting buggy, Trump is blaming the Syrian attack yesterday on Obama.

MN:  It's like America first means Blame America First. 
MN: The Obama strategy of drawing a line in the sand was to take power away from Syria, a very significant military campaign, and Obama took the political [and constitutional] route which was take it to Congress to vote for it.  And at that time Donald Trump tweeted that Obama shouldn't strike Syria.
Now Trump is blaming Obama for not attacking Syria.

SM:  Trump has apparently adopted Putin’s position that Assad can stay.  Now we'll see what Russia will give as an explanation for chemical attack.

MN:  People were calling that an air raid going on at the time, and these munitions that were dropped, you can't have these secondary, usually it burns off at the time.  [?]

MN: You have to understand about Assad killing Americans as several people attest to it.  Assad allowed at beginning of invasion of Iraq that a National Command of Islamic Resistance be set up in Damascus
They set up in Damascus
Then anyone who wanted to join ISIS would travel through Damascus. 
Then they’d come into Iraq and carry out suicide attacks. 
Now in Eastern Syria ISIS knows where to go they have intelligence.
Assad has a lot to answer for.

SM:  This is where things get serious, with Trump’s complicity with Russia.  They're targeting Syrian rebels.  He's sending in troops without telling the American people, who are we fighting for. 

MN:  The operations we're doing now with Special Operations Forces and Syrian Kurds, they're doing targeting and allowing local forces to push forward.
Now we're hearing that Donald Trump is carrying out an operation that I have in my book The Plot to Hack America, called Operation Dark Matter, cutting off lines of communication in preparation for a ground defensive.  But with the amount of troops he's doing, he's putting U.S. forces on point for attack on Raqqa. 
If they do this, they're not just hammering ISIS, they're empowering Iran from Israeli border in Southern Lebanon all the way into Syria and Iran. 
I don't know whether Trump understands that by supporting Russia he is facilitating Iran’s hold on Syria, which means Iran will be the principle confronation force against Israel. It's completely backward.
Not just hammering ISIS, they're empowering Iran from Israeli border in Southern Lebanon all the way into Syria and Iraq. (He may have said, Iran, sorry) 
I don't know whether Trump understands that
SM:  And let's not forget North Korea. 

Re Susan Rice non story

MN:  I was on Katy Tur when the announcement came out that Susan Rice doing her day-to-day job unmasked individuals in reports, they have to be unmasked by law in reports to the White House. 
SM:  Another ridiculous distraction
M:  it's very simple.  The dignity and responsibility of the President of the United States is at stake here.  Donald Trump made a mistake about surveillance from information he got from somewhere- he needs to come clean that it was an error and that U.S. intelligence does decent work.
The nation would be better for it.

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