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Fake Art will be a growth industry now

In 1979(?) when on assignment interviewing a scientist at NASA houston, he told me, off the record almost, about melting of the polar ice caps. I was there to interview him about something else and mid-interview, he turned into central casting mad scientist, and said, "The real story here is that the icecaps are melting" then raved a while about what was coming. Since I was fresh out of college and a little surprised, I don't remember everything he said, and I went on to write the really kind of boring story about the research NASA had him doing, hmm, but lately, as things develop, I have not been able to forget that incident. As I write this FB post now, my heart beats faster thinking about it. serendipity led me to the most interesting places in my life...
Think of some service that only someone Really Stupid would want and then find a way to target market it to Trump Voters, you will get very rich very fast.

Just lying here trying to nap, but can't bk I'm realizing, what good is a march tor climate anyway? It's too late. Climate scientists have known it's too late now for a few years, in fact that's one reason I moved to Tahoe, after working on a couple documentaries on the topic. That's why I had a grim look on my face even BEFORE trump was elected, but now he's going to speed things up and make them worse. Plus, there's that cloud of methane under the polar caps that will bubble up in a year or so, and... after that, nothing we are doing or saying now will even be relevant. At this point, marches are... photo ops. The real way to take action would be outlaw internal combustion engines. ask people to make sacrifices, and from what I know of the science, it's already too late to even do that. That's probably why the Extraction Industry is going full speed forward, why they got the Orange Clown elected. So they can extract as much as possible and get as rich as possible before the planet gets uninhabitable. I am so sorry to my FB friends who hate it when I get this negative, but it's not being negative. It's facing the truth. The first time I heard about this coming climate catastrophe was the 1970s when I worked in the News Room at NASA in Houston. Mankind could have prevented this, and they preferred the convenience of the Drive Thru. Now we are living with that series of ignorant decisions that got us here and to be honest, a March for Climate is almost silly. better to be educating each other on how to survive this. maybe I'll get some sleep someday
So, anyone have ideas on how to survive the coming combined climate / political / economic whatever that is coming? Ah life in pre -apocalypse USA, only the innovative will survive, god i need sleep

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Alexandra Roberts Keep on keepin' on. Remember what Gloria Steinem alluded to. After all the idiots have killed each other off, little old ladies are going to come out of hiding, take over the world and all will finally be as it should be. Or something like that. 
It's too late. The country is passed a turning point now, so much damage has been done by Trump and so much INTEL has dripped out, No One overseas trusts us now. It's too late to make this stop now. Just like the Earth reached a "tipping point" few years back, where the amount of CO2 that's trapped in here with us is... more than we can control. It's too late to stop climate change with small steps, we are about to be steamrolled. It's too late to stop Trump with an investigation, the USA is gone. Weirdest thing is, ACCEPTANCE of all this makes it relieving. I give up. No point in fighting and writing endless rants on blogs and comments. It's over. Enjoy the sky which I can see here, with lots of green trees, a green lake that used to be blue. I ain't a fighting anymore. The bishops will reinstate the pedophiles, the politicians will open the doors for endless emissions, and now is the time to party 'til you die. Good morning.

If I had money, I'd invest in businesses that cater to the new Ignorant Elite, such as delivery of fat filled "gourmet" foods at outrageous prices, anything that fills the need of Stupid People with a Lot of Money bk they are dominating the globe right now. 

Fake Art will be a growth industry now. 
Riding bus yesterday I was listening to the "hobos" discuss what they go through in life, and I heard one guy say, "At least we don't drive cars, we aren't putting pollution all over the road" and I realized, That's what I always say. I probably have more in common with the local hobos than the local homeowners. So... thinking about pursuing this, with my camera, finding that guy today or tomorrow and asking him more
Why is this taking so long?????

A Massachusetts city is joining a handful of other municipalities across the country in calling for an impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump based on…
escape to a simpler time 

Little town melodram with Lana Turner. The two friends Allison MacKenzie (Diane Varsi) and Selena Cross (Hope Lange) grow up in an idyllic small town and exp...
Somewhere in the Kremlin they are watching our response and laughing, because the longer it takes to stop this takeover, the more damage is being done.
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