Tuesday, April 4, 2017

They began this misinformation attack in 1995 by slipping anti-American stories into our Cable News Systems, bk They Knew the power of information better than we did. They made weaponized use of the technology we created, while we watched movies and played games with that same tech. When Fox News was accepted and its faux news was embraced so easily, they expanded with Clear Channel, providing rural America with The Only news they heard, all of it from the same Kremlin trained information manipulating source, probably funded by Saudis / global oil. Then came blogs and websites, targeted to all those misinformed Americans, riling them up, enraging them, turning them against their "liberal" neighbors. The Attack on USA through misinformation was So Successful, it got Trump elected, and now a hostile foreign power is in the White House. Please do not send me a Farmville request, ever, after reading 

How much you want to bet ISIS was just a fake army cooked up by this Putin Saudi connection to scare the bejeebers out of us. I mean, really, beheadings? Masks? I mean...

There is a foreign agent in the White House destroying us bit by bit while America responds with a stream of talking heads babbling.
Kay Ebeling

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