Saturday, April 1, 2017

Pedophile Priest Joke on Bill Maher show, clip transcribed here

Maher: Do you think the churches should do it? (provide sanctuary for undocumented immigrants)
JAV: Well right now, a woman Jeanette Vizguerra in Denver, she's taken sanctuary at a Unitarian church. Because the Catholic church that she belongs to did not want to help her out. She's gone to all these churches and she's like-
Maher: Yah, they're providing sanctuary to the priests.
JAV is Jose Antonio Vargas, Immigration activist
You can see it on YouTube here but I don't know if this is a legal upload, this video may not be here after a while, it's the entire Bill Maher Show from last night
But that's where the joke is and you know he’s referring to the pedophile priests, so I'm a little old lady with a laptop feeling like we accomplished something those of us who pushed that pedophile priest story, yes we did yes we did.
Post Note: at 43:00 Rick Santorum ruins the mood bringing up in a different disscussion that he did not get outraged at the priest joke, but when the joke was said, he had a shocked outraged look on his face, at least to me. I've seen that face before on Buttoned Up Catholics who still don't believe their priests are, about ten percent, perverts who prefer children.  
Here is story about woman in Denver: 
Link to Bishop Accountability if you doubt my ten percent claim
Here is link to the Real Time with Bill Maher March 31
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