Wednesday, April 26, 2017

We've been invaded through our own laws.

Kay Ebeling
First they took advantage of our First Amendment, knowing they could publish and broadcast Anti American lies and no one would stop them, because we cherish freedom of speech. 
Now they are taking advantage of our constitutional system of checks and balances, knowing that no one branch of government will take action without the other, which somehow keeps anyone from being able to PROSECUTE, INDICT, or even issue a frigking subpoena. Nothing. Instead they're doing Nothing. 
 We've been invaded through our cherished traditions of freedoms. We forgot that other nations don't share those traditions. stay tuned
In any other nation in the world, if someone had done what Michael Flynn did, he’d have been in prison Months Ago and Trump would have been removed from office. I think the attackers carrying out this coup KNEW it would take the USA years to figure out what is going on and take action, because our system is inherently so slow, so slow
But this is ridiculous. 
While we conduct investigations that go nowhere, the dictator is doing permanent damage and soon we'll get past a point of no return, I'm afraid, because we aren't able to act. 
Everyone in Congress, Senate, press all seem to know what's going on and the leaders can't take action, it's horrible watching this.

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