Thursday, April 13, 2017

I am no longer an American. I just live in Tahoe.

If anyone is paying attention to news stories buried in american press or reported in foreign press, the USA is killing civilians and others right and left, and our soldiers are being killed right and left, in Syria where... do most Americans even know where Syria is? Do we know why we are fighting a full-on war without Congressional approval? Are we too busy wondering where did Caitlin's penis go to care?

I am no longer an American. I just live in Tahoe.

Trump is Committing War Crimes, not in my name.

Now that Pres of China came to dinner with T and found out What An Idiot he is first hand, they'll probably just take us over. And at this point, I hope they do

I am getting FB friend requests from people with copy and pasted photos with almost no Friends, let alone mutual, who Just Joined FB and out of the blue want to be my friend. I am passing as they are probably bots with an agenda. Still, it shows you that this weird cyber attack has not stopped, and probably lots of people will fall for the next Active Measure, whatever it is. Be Alert.
It just dawned on me, what if the whole Trump / Russia story is really a diversion from something else even worse...
Tweet from George Takei:
Since they're dragging old Asian guys off of planes these days, be ready with your mobile devices to watch my performance.
George Takei‏Verified account @GeorgeTakei 41m41 minutes ago
so right he was
"I really wonder what gives us the right to wreck this poor planet of ours." - Kurt Vonnegut
Climate / Trump Refugees: Come join me in Tahoe, we can combine resources and rent a mansion and ride out the chaos in the clouds. I'm serious. There are empty rental mansions here and they need renters, my landlord manages several, I'm Sure we could combine efforts and get a 3 or 4 BR home with beautiful surroundings, clean fresh COOL air, and support each other through the coming storm. Please come visit and see for yourself during in between season which is now, when nice hotels are 40 to 50 a night. I'll show you, we could do this.

Tweet from John Fugelsang
Ever notice that when you don't want to pay to educate poor kids you always end up paying to incarcerate poor dropouts?
John Fugelsang‏Verified account @JohnFugelsang 18h18 hours ago
Tweet from Me
@realDonaldTrump U really should Not wear white with your skin and ... figure
Kay Ebeling‏ @cityofangelsfem
I really am starting to believe I am here visiting from another part of Universe, and as I approach age 70 in Earth years, I am starting to turn back into the space traveler I really am, and becoming less human. It is, indeed, a strange thing to experience. Need to get to work on Part 2 of this post

Where I use imagination to turn isolation into adventure, by pretending to be an astronaut on assignment to a remote outpost in space. (...

Kay Ebeling
I'm not American anymore. I just live in Tahoe
Posted by Kay Ebeling
floating on top of a mountain, almost in the clouds

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