Friday, April 7, 2017

Bombing Syria did not make Trump suddenly believable

OMG news pundits are believing what Trump is saying now, as if he's ever been believable before...

Steve Bannon is not gone, he's just less accountable
Anyone else notice we have almost No State Dept or NSC while at the same time engaging in a new war? Anyone?

This is all happening as planned.

What Others Say: 

MISSION FAILURE: US struck base deliberately avoided destroying chem weaps/killing crews. Warned Ru/Sy. Message? Kabuki lives.

Every one can sleep well tonight. We have a reality show host who dodged the draft and went bankrupt 7 times launching tomahawk missiles.
(((DeanObeidallah)))‏ @Deanofcomedy 8h8 hours ago

Thomas T. Panto
5 hrs
Russia gave Trump the war that Trump needed to keep him in power over America.
I said something similar about 3 hours ago...'
i saw some footage today, we warned them in advance and did very little damage, this was a political shitshow manufactured for poll numbers
lastnightinamerica‏ @americalastnite 15m15 minutes ago


At this point, I don't even believe the sarin came from Syria

But now that Rick Perry has replaced Steve Bannon on the NSC, I'm sure everything in this new war will be run real smart
and all i can think of to do about it is write it down as it's happening, a little old lady with a laptop and transcribing software, getting it all down

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