Wednesday, April 5, 2017

"Dow works closely with EPA every day on matters that affect Dow." Yeah we know. (Maddow 4/4/2017 part 2)

Maddow opens with, “Here’s an exclusive story you will not see this anywhere else,” and shows Trump at a signing photo op with Dow Chemical CEO at his side. 
Maddow explains they are signing Exec Order 1377
Which stops keeping the public safe from radiation and other environmental poisons
(Transcriber: They're going to kill us.)
Quotes in this post begin around 04:50 into the clip titled 
Maddow obtains apparent EPA memos on plan to eliminate...
which you can watch here on YouTube or you can watch here on MSNBC site, while it lasts. 

Maddow:  Obviously it makes a huge difference who the EPA thinks is a stakeholder
While the Dow Chemicals of the world are getting daily calls and talking every day with the White House about how stakeholders will be affected by these Executive actions,
It isn’t just Dow Chemical but also our lungs and skin and vital organs that are being affected, are those getting consulted too?  As we wholesale plan to get rid of health and safety regulations.
(Transcriber: They're going to do some kind of attack, but first set it up to do maximum damage. )
Maddow: Even from the corporate side, they're worried about the EPA not having enough staffers even to do the permitting work.

Maddow says her sources who have worked with EPA for years now can get no answers to questions, that businesses who rely on EPA have not been advised on the new non-regulating regulations.  Maddow’s staff asked Dow Chemical what they thought of the new rules and:

Maddow:  Dow did not answer our question as to whether EPA has reached out to them about these new processes, but company spokes people did tell us that quote Dow works closely with EPA every day on matters that affect Dow.  Yeah we know.  Dow told us also that as a company they support the EPA decision not to ban their pesticide. 
Well blow me down. 

Rachel then asks people to send more documents
She is posting the documents at Maddow Blog Dot

Maddow: If you would like to get something in my hands, please send it to us at: 

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Clip on MSNBC

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Posted by Kay
(Fearing that they're going to kill us, they've found this innovative unique way of carrying out an act of war, by infiltrating from within and ramrodding this destructive legislation through before enough people realize what is happening to stop it. They are going to kill us.)

Happy Wednesday
one thing keeping me sane through this, sort of, is realizing the horrors humans have gone through in history under despots. the horrors people are going through right now that are much worse than what I'm doing or about to experience. But I'm pretty convinced, after seeing the Rachel Maddow show last night about the secret "processes" Trump is putting in place to allow pollutants into our air and water, not even protect us against radiation, that their goal of all this is to kill us. Lots of us. And what is coming is going to be awful. Then today I came across a movie about a guy who was in prison in solitary for 3 years (Kevin Bacon and wowser cast) and got perspective that through history injustices have caused humans to suffer in horrible ways. I was lucky to ride out my time on Earth in post WW2 USA, but for the most part, this is a hard planet to survive. and it's about to get harder. 

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