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War in North Korea would require a draft, your kids are next ISIS, and other gems from Malcolm Nance on Stephanie Miller Show, on Freespeechtv this AM

Malcolm Nance called in to the Stephanie Miller show on Free Speech TV this AM, so I stopped work and got it down, then finished work transcribing another interview.  It is now a few hours later, and as part of   City of Angels Winging It / Malcolm Nance Transcript Project, here is the transcript including these 

Outstanding quotes: 
"There is intelligence of collusion."
"The President is having a briefing at the White House to make his case about North Korea and the fact that he's bringing in the Congress shows he wants to bring in something that requires the entire Congress."
War in North Korea would require a draft, we don’t have enough men in the armed forces to fight a war of that magnitude, and they use that old technology. 
Re ISIS:  It's your kids, your neighbor’s kids, who will watch videos and go out and attack, that is the future of ISIS, where you can't stop it.

S:  Remember how Oprah used to have Oprah’s book club, I've read almost all of Chapter Nine of your book The Plot to Hack America, and it should be required reading for every American.

M: I’d read it over and over. 

S:  I just read it again on the plane and I urge people to read it again, especially Chapter Nine, which is currently coming true.

M:  Yeah it absolutely is and yet the worst parts are yet to come, the predictions of how deep this thing could go. There's a debate between me and [INAUDIBLE] an FBI double agent who caught a Russian spy.  And he thinks this is not about collusion that this is more sinister, this is infiltration by people who were witting, who knew what they were doing.  I'm more of the theory that this was co option that this is about money.  This will come around to identifying money, espionage, or a hybrid of both. 

S: People are tweeting that Comey will want to come out on the right side of history on this. What do you think about what's going to happen?

M:  Well I'm of the [INAUDIBLE] that thinks that Comey thought the Clinton thing was easily dismissed, let the chips fall where they may.  But I also believe he will not reveal anything about a counter intelligence investigation. 
This is an FBI investigation using their spy hunters.  That means if you're not a member of ISIS in the United States, or if you're not an enemy spy, these people would not be investigating you and they're investigating the Trump campaign.  So that tells you all you need to know.

S:  In your book you said there would have to be collusion for it to be treason, now you've heard Adam Schiff and others say there is evidence of collusion.

M:  There is evidence of collusion or let me rephrase that there is intelligence of collusion.  Intelligence is not evidence, until it is in the hands of the Justice Department and has been brought in under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. 
So we might have table tops full of intelligence, but you only see the parts of a jigsaw puzzle with intelligence. 
Now we are moving to evidence and people have to be patient. 

S:  I want it now!  Mrs. Nance is very understanding.  I said yesterday on CNN, this is looking like obstruction of justice to me, not turning over documents, Flynn clearly broke the law, so it's a political death march for how fast he turns into a witness against Trump.  Why no immunity, it looks like a massive coverup

M:  Well Republicans are dragging their feet because as long as they have time, they can obfuscate, change this into a debate about Obama- that's the only thing that keeps them politically alive.
 Flynn declared certain aspects of his career on the record, the news media put it out that he’d gotten paid for speeches in Russia.  But to get a top secret clearance you have to fill out an F X 86 a computer program where you put in all your data, every foreign contact past ten years, source of all income, this is your declaration to the intelligence world of who you are. 
Flynn left out Russia and Turkey and the Turkish contact was working for the Russians.  He must have thought he could get away with it because he was going to be National Security Adviser,

Now it looks like total obstruction of justice, hiding the fact that he's working for foreign powers.  If he was a business agent or an actual agent of a foreign intelligence agency, those are two horrific things that he going to have to account for.  

S:  Let's move on to even more terrifying things, North Korea.  Hard to see it without the lens of Russia and how this distracts from the Russian allegations.  This is provocative and dangerous what we're doing isn’t it?

M:  Now we're talking a completely different game, when I was there [on SMSHow] a week ago we talked about how grave a situation it is, because a miscalculation on either side could precipitate incidents that lead to a second Korean War.  They put on an artillery demonstration yesterday and fired off one salvo of artillery rounds.  Well North Korea has fourteen thousand artillery pieces aimed at South Korea and a miscalculation could lead to those firing.  Every thirty seconds.  They could literally devastate the northern part of Korea and kill tens of thousands of people

This briefing today is as serious as a heart attack.  The President is having a briefing at the White House to make his case about North Korea and the fact that he's bringing in the Congress shows he's going to bring in something that requires the entire Congress. 

S:  But we don’t know how much his ego and poll ratings, first hundred days he has to do something-  We've never had our own dangerous lunatic in charge in terms of us and North Korea.

M:  Well you get what you pay for in politics and right now the president has mapped out this course, he can say it's a mandate given him by the people and right now- the seriousness of what he's doing here requires all of us to think twice about what we think is important.  I'm not- North Korea the Russia thing will play itself out but if we find ourselves carrying out military action against North Korea, we can provoke them into doing something provocative, that's going to be a completely different set of articles.

S:  Going back to the botched military actions- starting with the botched Yemen raid, he said he’d blow them out of the water if he was president, everything you read about how he's going to react is terrifying. 

M:  (Phone goes off air a while then) Oh yeah those dang Russians.
Well, these Iranian confrontations occur weekly in the Arabian Gulf-  but you have to put it into context.  We're not equipped to fight two wars.  North Korea would require a draft, we don’t have enough men in the armed forces to fight a war of that magnitude, and they use that old technology in North Korea, perfect for marching south, but not for us, you can't come down to an altitude without getting shot by men using eye.

We're going to need more than the twenty eight thousand service members there to carry anything out.  I don't know if the White House is planning that or if the military advisors would but – another Korean war. 

S:  You have another book Hacking Isis that came out this week. 

M:  Regarding ISIS: Most of their really smart guys are dead, but there's a new generation of ISIS and in the next six months, everything will be online, it won’t exist in the physical world.  But it's your kids, your neighbor’s kids, who will watch videos and go out and attack, that is the future of ISIS, where you can't stop it, it doesn't exist physically, it's an idea that anyone can pick up. 

S:  Malcolm, thank you, we need more patriots and heroes and The Plot to Hack America should be required reading for everyone in America. .

M:  I agree, I still read it and go, did I write that?  My favorite chapter is Lucky Seven where I organize how the Russians did it.  I call it Lucky Seven, they call it Grizzly Step. 

S:  They wanted to blow up NATO, it's

M: I will see you Monday in Los Angeles. 
(That means Malcolm Nance will be on air on her show Monday in person broadcasting from Miller's basement in L.A.  Oh boy) 

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