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Life on Space Ship Kay

Where I use imagination to turn isolation into adventure, by pretending to be an astronaut on assignment to a remote outpost in space.

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meanwhile a side trip:)

By Kay Ebeling
As I go one day to another not able to get out my door, I fantasize that I am on assignment on a space station, I was trained to deal with long periods alone by NASA, so I can handle it.  Now in early 2017 the assignment is complete, and I'm waiting for the Mother Ship to come get me. For some reason it's delayed.  So I'm making the best of the situation. 
Inside this place where most my supplies get delivered, almost all my communication is over a laptop connected to people who I never seen in person, in cyberspace.
Now and then after doing the duties that are required to keep this quadrant livable, I suit up and go on an EVA, Extra Vehicular Activity as we called it back on the Space Shuttle, and the acronym just stuck.
EVA is what I now call an excursion into the populated area nearby in what could be a hostile atmosphere.  There are metal objects that whiz by on the highway and often emit poison with a burst of black smoke right in your face.  Many of the buildings I enter seem to have lighting that is toxic for people from my planet, and either the sun can burn my skin or the wind can make me freeze, so I only stay out on most EVAs for short periods of time.
Back when the U.S. space program first started, in the mid Twentieth Century, they tested astronauts for endurance, in preparation for the long periods of time in isolation needed for space travel, work in the solar system that they knew would happen one day.
Well I seem to have evolved to survive under those conditions.  They tell me human contact is necessary for survival, like cats we need actual contact with each other.  But if one goes long enough without human contact, do they reach a point where they just don’t need it?
pic of me in space found on Google
The residents of this region where I'm staying at the end of my assignment have many practices that completely rub me wrong. For instance their diet.  After much experimentation, I've found best way to survive on this planet is Not to eat the animals, but most the residents here eat them.  I find that I produce much less waste that needs to then be cleaned up and disposed of here in my space station and also I use less resources if I keep my diet strictly to the plants that grow in the soil.  So since animal products seem to be in everything you eat in prepared food outlets in this area, I rarely eat anything I don't cook myself, rarely eat when I'm on my EVAs. 
Just waiting here in South Lake Tahoe for the Mother ship to come get me.
Most of my time now is spent in observation, as I wait. 
How Long Are These Earthling Bodies Supposed to Last? 
One problem though is pain.  The body I've been in for almost seventy Earth years now is getting worn out and, frankly, I thought the guys who sent me here would have come to get me by now, so I would not have to go through this.  
I'm Getting Old and Worn Out. 
I don't dare go to doctors here as they just don’t understand the makeup of this body, there are elements that are not perfect, and they treat me with pharmaceuticals and recommendations that may work on humans but often do me more damage to me than good. Plus I'm afraid if a doctor does too thorough an examination, they might figure out who I really am.
So this body is breaking down a bit and it hurts.
Other day I contemplated just taking myself out, what Earthlings call suicide. But I know from my programming, I have to stay here until they come get me. The end of my time here has to be natural, or I won’t make the connection to travel onto the next place.  I don't want to end up floating around in Dark Matter somewhere or stuck on this planet as a ghost or being born as an Earthling over and over again, I want to go on to the next place.  So I have to get through this last era in my life on planet Earth.
It's not that bad.  I'm waiting for them to come for me on top of a mountain.  I moved here as it just seemed being on top of a mountain near a big blue lake would make it easier for them to find me, although I hear it really isn’t necessary. 
I came to Tahoe because most of this planet is self destructing, becoming an environmental hellhole, and new people in charge have made it clear they're going to get laws passed that will make the planet almost uninhabitable, except for those who are able to profit from the extractions.  It's sad seeing a planet as beautiful as Earth being misused this way, some really hardworking people in places like the Democratic and Green political parties did everything they could to stop it, but we lost this one.
For the next decades, as they extract resources from everywhere on this planet and build developments in beautiful places with little regard for the very environment that keeps them beautiful, the results will be disastrous. This planet will be an crude oil refuse covered hellscape soon and it will stay that way a while, so I'm kind of glad my assignment here is coming to an end before it gets too bad.  I got to live on this planet in the U.S.A.  at the tail end of a real good period, and I hope to come back some time hundreds of years from now to see how this all turns out. 
So while I wait for the Mother Ship to get me, now that my 60-80 year tour of duty on the planet is drawing to a close, I'll go ahead and take more EVAs, even bring the digital lens with me so I can document some of the beauty of this special place where I'm waiting, Lake Tahoe. Listen to all the different languages that you hear at the Commons, a place on the lake that serves as a city park. 
Just take more EVAs ‘til they come for me.
As I go into day three or four inside this room I am lucky to have an active imagination
I seem to stay inside even when the weather is good. I'm homebound by my circumstances which I've listed here at CofA Blog and also here at the Pedophile Priest blog enough times before.  Apparently all the trauma I went through caused my brain to create a great way of dealing with difficult times, using an active imagination with a sense of whimsy.

Pretty sure the Earth will survive all this, not sure how well humans will fare.

Remember 2 days ago when I was so sad and lonely? Well I dealt with it by writing this story.
Posted by Kay
floating in space in cosmic city of angels

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