Friday, March 31, 2017

Everything Clint Watts talked about in hearing this AM is happening RIGHT NOW on MSNBC.

I just went through Every Clip at MSNBC site looking for a story about Thursday Morning’s Senate Hearing and instead there is Almost Nothing There but stories from news that "broke" one hour after the hearing that Michael Flynn is being given immunity.
Almost nothing about the hearing Thursday morning at MSNBC, just one clip after another about a press release that came out afterwards about Flynn, that had nothing to do with today’s hearing.
In the March 30 hearing, Watts testified that Mainstream Media played a big part in the Cyber Attack against USA during 2016 election, because corporate media repeat whatever story is getting a lot of traction, and "bots" controlled by foreign intelligence are creating the traction.
Obviously that is what is happening right now before our eyes at the Quote Liberal Cable News Station – they are running with the non story that Michael Flynn just released about himself that diverted attention from this morning’s Senate Hearing. And Michael Flynn is not a man whose words can be believed. 
At one point on MSNBC March 30, Chris Matthews interviews Senator Mark Warner who is trying TRYING to talk about what came up at the hearing and Matthews just keeps asking, yes, but the White House and Flynn and blah blah blah, this is AWFUL 
And even more ironic, it seems Matthews interviews Clint Watts on the same March 30 show as he interviewed Warner in a different segment… 

Mainstream Media just let Michael Flynn's immunity story DROWN OUT reports of the Senate Hearing this AM on how disinformation is being used to attack America. A press release indirectly from White House followed by Bots who promoted it just steered our press away from the real story, which is that Russia uses this very technique to manipulate media. We Have Become That Dumb


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