Friday, March 10, 2017

Putting Idiots in charge is military strategy

This coup using no weapons continues:

Gutting the CIA and State Dept and finally acknowledging Russia screwed up our election- why are we just letting this happen?

Are there others like me out there, trying to just get on with life, then hearing yet another horrible detail of what Trump is doing to your country, so coming to a stop, smoking, staring at the screen, head in hands going no no no this can't be happening?


He is trying to both politicize and marginalize the intelligence community.
I guess this is the logical next step. To take over a nation, first undermine its intel - I am fricking scared of what is coming

A former CIA director issued a sweeping rebuke of President Trump’s treatment of the U.S. intelligence community on Thursday, accusing the real estate mogul of politicizing and hindering intelligence gathering.

Another way to undermine a nation is put idiots in charge of critical depts, which they've also done. Good morning
Plus they are idiots who've been put in charge of everything 


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ABOVE: The Most Common Cause of Stress Nowadays is Dealing With Idiots.
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