Saturday, March 11, 2017

Jesus said heal the sick, American Christians say Monetize the sick

So I guess we are all finally going to have the Libertarian Experience that I've been hearing about since college in the 1970s. These guys really believe the world would be better off if a "Free Market" (current replacement for Jesus) will take care of everything, we can run highways hospitals and wars in the private sector. These guys have been so determined so long and so wrong but so rich you can't stop them that I guess we are all going to have to see it happen, let them FINALLY be proven wrong, pick up the pieces of what's left of our country, and FINALLY they will shut up. I miss FDR. I miss LBJ. I miss JFK and no one in Washington comes close. The way they are mowing through, I know, I've been dealing with these dweebs since the 70s, they are as Adamant as a Fundie Christian about their politics they really believe this shit. It is a political ideology that says "I take care of Me, you can go fuck yourself. 
Why are Democrats just Lying There Taking This and not fighting back? I feel like I'm getting sucked down a drain in a bathtub and these powerful people are standing there on the side with tools and ability to rescue me but they'd rather just stand there.
About time, i first heard about com between Russian bank and server inside Trump Tower last August. WTF. 

Federal investigators and computer scientists continue to examine whether there was a computer server connection between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank,…

This all out attack on the CIA and State Dept by our own pres, what does that do to our ability to stop foreign attacks on us?
Has there ever been a takeover of a nation before where the occupied just sat there and took it like USA is doing?
Frank J LaFerriere Yes, Nazi Germany for one.
John Brown In Australia they built monuments and regularly gathered to sing the praises of those who hijacked us all morally, ethically and politically

He's going to read this and say, she's right. Then hire me to run a program to build senior housing at HUD. Dream on: 
Kay Ebeling‏ @cityofangelsfem 1m1 minute ago
Show us how tough you really are, @realDonaldTrump Throw out all these Russians / traitors and start over with real experienced staff
As usual, our news guys keep repeating, Flynn was working for the nation of Turkey and Trump at same time, blah blah with out Mentioning How Turkey Ties In With Everything Else Going On in the World and Who is really in charge. 

Russia and Turkey have reconciled after ties hit rock bottom when Erdogan's government shot down Russian plane

    Erdogan who was paying Flynn while he was working for Trump, puts journalists he does not like in jail: 

    There were signs that the arrest of Deniz Yucel was considered a step too far, even by some in Turkey’s ruling circles.
    This is what Erdogan does to people he doesn't like in Turkey, when they are not just disappearing: 

    An Austrian opposition lawmaker said on Thursday five Austrian citizens who made critical comments about Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan had been held at Turkish…
this all out attack on the CIA and State Dept by our own pres, what does that do to our ability to stop foreign attacks on us?

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