Saturday, March 18, 2017

New Word: frigking. Because "fricking" is not strong enough and I do not want to swear. Use: I am so frigking pissed at it all right now

There's two kinds of fat in America. There's the beefy working class who get round with a combination of fat and muscle from eating a lot of fast food. Then there's the new Rich Fat, who are liquid fat. Their faces look thin. Then they get up and you realize that after years of just sitting there, about 90 pounds of useless jiggling tissue has formed like a water balloon around their bottom half. The Rich Fat are, I think, a new phenomenon, although Kings in days past probably had bodies like theirs.
Kay Ebeling They are usually men and as they age, they divorce wives and replace them with ones in their twenties who have to be near anorexic to stay thin enough to please the husband
This long stalled constipated response to the attack on us by russia Is Part Of Their Plan and Strategy. Every day we do nothing, resources and intelligence are draining out of the country, cash is disappearing, and who knows what else. Trump is getting fatter...

COME ON, America, show the world we are smarter than Germany in the 1930's, Do Something:

If we Don't Act Now, Fascism will be on our doorstep, says Yale historian:

How close is President Donald Trump to following the path blazed by last century's tyrants? Could American democracy be replaced with totalitarian rule?
Quotes of note from Bill Moyers above:

"It’s the meta-advice of the past: That things slip out of reach for you, psychologically very quickly and then legally almost as quickly."

"You can get right to heart of the matter if you can convince people that there is no truth." 

"[T]he people who inhabit the White House inhabit a different ideological world in which they would like for the United States not to be the constitutional system that it now is."

And I haven't finished reading yet 
More quotes from Moyers site above:  

"If democracy just means going to vote, it’s pretty meaningless. Russia has democracy in that sense. Most authoritarian regimes have democracy in that sense. Nazi Germany had democracy in that sense."

If someone's able to be brainwashed over the air waves that easily, then I don't want to be around them. So I'm staying home a lot these days. I live near Nevada border, and even homeless people on the bus here are Trumpsters. It creates an atmosphere where you are afraid to speak, as you might rile up one of the brainless ones, and idiocy plus hatred Spread like wildfire.......

From Virginia Pickles Jones:

Compassionate Gathering
6 hrsThis blog  is so important it needs to be read by more people.

The woman on the bicycle was very angry. We had only passed her on the Springwater Corridor minutes before when she followed us on her bi...

Kay Ebeling Wow, I am saving this quote. 
The woman replied, “All homeless women get raped. Men just come into your tent. That’s why homeless women do drugs. They don’t want to fall asleep and get raped.”
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Kay Ebeling people in houses who drive cars have No Idea what the rest of us are going through

They call out poor people who ask the govt for help at same time they take as much money out of Treasury and into their own pockets as they can. Quoting jesus while they do it.

What Action can a little old lady take with a laptop? Tweets: 

Please form coalition- with Merkel, Trudeau, others- Get Trump out of office before there's nothing left of the USA, PLEASE.
retweeted to:

Eventually Trump will take all the wealth he's stealing now and with his family run to some nation with no extradition where they will live in several oversized mansions stuffed with loot. But not until finally the US Congress et al finds a way to stop him. 

Then we will make America great again.

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waking up to twelve hours of work in my laptop every AM these days
I work in reality TV production
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