Monday, March 20, 2017

"U.S. persons, willing American accomplices, helped Russians attack our country and our democracy"

Just heard Denny Heck (D. Wash) say what I have been thinking in today's hearing, so quick transcribed the quote here at CofA Blog
More TRANSCRIPTS documenting the coup are here  

Denny Heck:  There are lots of emotions in the room today, I've perceived anger and outrage and subdued somberness.  But what I feel overwhelmingly is sadness.  We've heard nothing but terribly disturbing evidence of what has happened to our country at the hands of arguably our greatest adversary. 
And what's worse the evidence we've heard so far all seems to lead to the conclusion that they had help from the inside, that this was in part an inside job.  From U.S. persons, willing American accomplices, or terribly naïve ones, or probably both, who helped the Russians attack our country and our democracy. 
We're both still at the early stages of our investigation, we're not indicting anyone, we're merely laying out some of the evidence and the facts, dirty though they be, sleazy though they be.
Never in the modern era has a president and his administration had so many foreign entanglements.

When I hear someone say something striking, I get it down and post it here at the City of Angels Winging It / Malcolm Nance Transcript Project, documenting the coup taking place in U.S. today

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