Saturday, March 25, 2017

C’mon, USA, show you're smarter than Germans in 1930s and Stop Trump Now

From Facebook posts, more transcripts coming soon
Get this f--ing murderer trump out of the presidency Now

Iraqi government forces paused in their push to recapture western Mosul from Islamic State militants on Saturday because of the high rate of civilian casualties, a security…
scary developments continue

The National Front leader has made four visits to Russia since 2011.

I'd like to be able to drink like a person who parties, but this little old lady body won't let me. However, I have rediscovered the joy of pouring a tiny bit of Real Good Liquor into a glass and then sipping it, tiny sips, over a couple hours at end of day. I can't walk or swim as much as I used to, but I do still walk and swim a little. Joan Crawford used to pour a tiny bit of 100 proof vodka into a glass and just sip it, little sips. Svetka Swedish vodka works good for that. You don't get drunk, you just... stop rushing through the day and come to a stop. I used to drink like an alcoholic, especially in the early 1980s. But I ended up not being an alcoholic, and I'm actually grateful for that. Since Trump got elected, I find spirits from other nations fit the mood perfectly.

I don't know who is a fox zombie and who is not, so I'm not opening my mouth in public, and I notice it seems neither is anyone else..
i think permanent damage has been done and USA will never recover from this as there is still more damage coming. I wonder if I will live to see how this turns out, but am not enamored of my nation at all right now. from where i sit, this is only the beginning of the attack, if you think Putin is stopping here, you need to read more history. We are under attack without weapons, and we are losing.
great, we saved Obamacare, now where the F--- are the doctors who will actually see a patient on Medicaid? Not where I live nor a dentist. Money is paid Every Month to Medicare to provide me care and I Ain't Getting Any. Someone is getting that $140 a month that is paid by someone to cover me, but if there's no doctor or dentist in the area, what good is it? In the entire state of California, only dentist taking Denti-Cal is in Bakersfield. Let's get Real. The care is not out there, I see LOTS of money going somewhere to someone but the care is not out there.
Kay Ebeling oh wait, there is 1 dentist in Placerville, 2 hours drive away, who is known for being like Steve Martin in that movie, he's only dentist in area who takes Denti-Cal and he's a SADIST, horror stories of his treatments abound. La de da love life in fourth world america. I have not been able to get to his office due to distance so... doesn't matter
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Kay Ebeling i'm scared to go to that dentist

Remember how shocking it was in 1973 in "Soylent Green" to see people living on sidewalks, and now I'm actually trying to figure out logistics of joining them. Put my stuff in storage, ride the bus all day, sit in Denny's all night... well one thing is certain, I won't survive that very long. No need to commit suicide, life in the USA as an old woman will just kill me before my time. I'm not depressed, honest. I'm ... observing this happen with astonishment and a sense of destiny, like what else, what more
If we can't stop this blatant takeover of our nation by a hostile foreign power, then we are not a nation anymore.

If only Hillary had won. She spoke OFTEN of women my age in the Social Security donut hole, we who were not raised to be career women, we who thought our families would be there for us in old age and instead we are out in the cold with nothing to live on. If I had been born Five Years later, I would have probably become a lawyer. But i'm in the generation of women who were trained to type fast, that was all we'd need we were told, if you can type fast, you will never be out of a job. In my case, add the lovely line from my father, "When I die you'll be a wealthy woman," then when he died someone had stolen all the money... And now I"m in this mess with the tiny job I have apparently disappearing and Donald Trump as president, which means no one will do anything about it. If only Hillary had won.
Scariest development yet. Fox News is now in role of State Run TV delivering the president's twisted communiques. God, end this nightmare, wake up Congress, STOP HIM
Caroline O.‏ @RVAwonk 5h5 hours ago
"Fox News is acting as an enforcer for the Trump White House. This is what state-run media does." 

"ObamaCare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great healthcare plan for THE PEOPLE."

We are under attack without weapons, and we are losing.
the manipulation of media that allowed this coup to take place goes All The Way Back to Fox News buying its place on cable lineups and then broadcasting anti-American stories wrapped up in red white and blue flags, which means we have been under attack in this way since around 1995. That "dezinformatsiya" spread to Breitbart et al, and we are now seeing results of 20 plus years of attack from within through our own news media and I really don't know how USA will ever recover 
from or undo this damage and I'm frigking scared of my neighbors right now bk half of them are Fox Zombies. I see the country turning into a hellscape with toothless wildpeople wielding every kind of weapon to get food from their neighbors, or worse. In a moment of weakness just now I thought of going to church to feel better, went to the website of the local St. Whoever and nearly vomited. What next?

Hmm, my theories confirmed years later again: New Yorker March 6 article confirms my theory that Russia put disinformation in USA in de...
    I hate him, that's all, just hate him. And I Hate that I am having to feel Hate bk of him. This is what I mean by permanent damage. We Will Not Recover from this, the longer he stays in office doing damage he's doing, the worse off we will be. Our Inaction to Stop the Coup is Part of the Coup, and it is why they are winning right now even though no one really supports what he is doing, he is free to damage and damage and AMericans are letting this happen to us. 

    Angela Merkel will reportedly ignore Donald Trump’s attempts to extricate £300bn from Germany for what he deems to be owed contributions to Nato. The controversial…
    We can't just hold a hearing and investigate when we are Under Attack by a Hostile Foreign Power bk while we cogitate, they are destroying us.

    The paradigm has shifted, none of the old maxims apply under Trump, and 'til we see that, we will continue to go down. We Are Right Now Going Down
I wonder if people in Germany in 1930s felt guilty when they pointed out how awful Adolph was, not wanting their friends to feel negative on a sunny day...
Posted by Kay
reeling in the chaos of trump presidency

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