Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What city in the World is today like L.A. was in the 1950s?

What is most appalling about all this for me is that I give a fuck about the USA anymore anyway.  I have this weird sense memory of patriotism but, face it, loving America is a lot like loving L.A. even after it's become the hellhole it is today.  America has become a hellhole much like Southern California just spread out everywhere and covered everything with concrete and smothering carbon fumes. The USA I love doesn't exist today any more than Los Angeles of the 1950s exists today.  

What city in the World is today like L.A. was in the 1950s?

Vancouver BC Gastown. Somehow every time I start this search for the next place to go, I end up in Gastown Vancouver BC. There are no rentals easy to find there online, it's Expen$ive and cold and wet, not a climate I do well in. But it's a Big City with what seem like Smart People. And so I wonder ... a big city east of Vancouver, maybe it's not as cold dark and wet there as I'm anticipating? Best way to find out is to go and find out...

Montreal looks most interesting but it's all the way on the other side of the continent and ... I have boxes ...
There's No Place To Go!!!!
Jo Miller Nope. Must shelter in place.
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There are people walking around Mesmerized by trump right now, going, wow wasn't that the greatest speech last night and A Great Speech Is Not What I Heard At All. This is so fricking weird, it's like being a scientist in a nation taken over by fundamentalists. Well actually, that's what it is.

    where can I go and find sophisticated intelligent residents and a life that is Not Dominated by the united states so I will stop hearing about what is happening here and so I can eventually stop caring?
    tyranny of the fools and arrogance of the idiots dominate America right now as Trump's con sinks in
    What bothers me most is they are celebrating a victory that was won on sheer Hatred. They hated Hillary so much they voted in this treasonous con artist and the Trumpinistas are now greeting the rest of us with that Frigging Arrogant Grin bk they think they won. They did not win, they turned the country over to a con artist and we are ALL LOSING and they still don't see it. They don't see it. I can't be around them. I Have to Go somewhere that is not dominated by hate filled victors.
    The only thing USA will spend cash on next four years is Military Hardware that our Occupiers will then own. And probably use against us. But hey wasn't that a great speech last night
    aargh where Can I Go to get away from Trumpinistas ?

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