Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Channeling my inner flower child

Imagine if all the cash being horded and hidden by oligarchs was found and turned into public projects, for food and shelter, local employment, things that are needed all over the globe. Imagine if those 18 mansions owned by one person were liquidated to build affordable housing for residents of two or three cities. Imagine.

I was getting a delivery yesterday and wanted to look elegant, so put on a turban that I think makes me look like Lana Turner in Postman. After the guy left, I looked in the mirror and realized I had the hat on upside down...
just had horrible thought Trump will have Rachel Maddow arrested or silenced for broadcasting tax return that He Leaked. I think Trump picked the year that made him look best and is now going to go after the NY Times and MSNBC for releasing them. Scared, stay tuned

I've been on the internet since the 1990s when it was mostly just government, academics, and journalists who wrote about them, then it expanded a bit more, but for most part, internet was populated by people of above average intelligence. What you read was usually well researched, articles that were not in print bk they were Too Informing, masses of information were being consumed be people like me who absorb information, people I met in message rooms in the 1990s and early 2000s had PhDs and law degrees, you were mentally challenged. Now days, I click on a link out of curiosity and see outrageous stupidness, no editing, misplaced modifiers dangling punctuation- but mostly stupidness. It's so sad to see the IQ online go steadily down, I miss the nineties, but truth be told, I miss the seventies, I miss the 1950s. I lived in L.A. before there were freeways, and Orange County smelled of orange blossoms. sigh

"Private real estate developers and illegal builders" since 1970s destroyed system of lakes that had kept Bangalore thriving Since The Year 1600. And private real estate developers and illegal builders are about to descend on the USA thanks to our new libertarian / autocrat govt. Fuc
The imminent collapse of an Indian city.

Bellandur lake, Bangalore, India, February 2017
hey, people, microwaves are not just in ovens, duh
Posted by Kay
still stewing in what was once a city of angels

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