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'Third grade civics' says Himes. 'Congress is check and balance, not PR for Pres.' Re Nunes visit to Trump then hearing cancelled Clip Transcribed Here

New Transcript from CofA Blog, documenting the coup taking place in USA and attempts to stop it

(From Lawrence O'Donnell 03/24/17 clip: House Intel Dem: Canceled hearing 'real blow toinvestigation' interview with Rep. Jim Himes of Connecticut, member of House Intel Committee whose hearing was cancelled, which sums up, in a way, where we stand in the investigation of the President's connections to Russia. More transcripts coming shortly. )

Transcript begins 01:00 into clip:

JH: This was a great opportunity for the American public to hear more but also to learn more generally from professionals about what it looks like when Russians seek to influence an election  
So the cancellation of this Tuesday open hearing was really a real blow, not just to the investigation but to an awful lot of very curious Americans.

LO: What do you make of the Chairman’s reason for doing it?

JH:  Well to me it's clear as day:

The Monday open hearing in which we had the FBI Director and the head of the NSA was a pretty rough five hours for the President in which the FBI Director acknowledged a lengthy investigation in which to use his words:
He's looking into links and coordination between Trump associates and the Russians.  Of course both of them knocked down the absurd tweets from the President that Obama had wiretapped him. 
We ran through all kinds of questions that painted a bit of a picture of the bizarre connections of people like Paul Manafort and Roger Stone and Michael Flynn with the Russians and the fact that they have consistently hidden those connections. 
That's not normal for a Presidential campaign.

(In the MSNBC clip, Jim Himes (D. CT) then goes on to discuss the "Midnight Run" by Devon Nunes to Trump to apparently show the President the evidence the Intelligence Committee has found against him and his campaign and now the next Tuesday’s hearing is canceled.)

JH: Third grade civics, we all remember, the Congress is a check and a balance on the President.  We are not their public relations people.  That [late night visit by Nunes to Trump] cast a huge question on Devon’s objectivity and today we get the cancellation of the hearing. 
More transcripts coming shortly. 
Clip is here

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Documenting the coup taking place in USA and attempts to stop it

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